Saturday, December 19, 2015

P-F15: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 1

Every card feels perfect because it is picked from the heart. Most of us lost the NCAA Pick'em contest, and I know that today -- the kickoff of the bowl season -- you feel you have sent the winning card. Heck, most of you told me you did in your email. I’d like a guarantee that you'll be a winner. I'd like to guarantee your favorite team will win national championships. I'd like to end my team's suffering. But our suffering surely makes us better at something in life. Just like how the loss of one sense makes the other's stronger, or how Obi Wan letting himself get light sabered made him a bigger badass, your NCAA Pick'em loss gave you the strength to skillfully pick FORTY FREAKING ONE bowl games with confidence.

So this is what I'm trying to say here: The Bowl Pick'em Challenge is not a guarantee of happiness, but the strength to endure a spectacularly long bowl season. The strength to watch game after game from dawn to dusk until you wonder where the day went. The strength to have fearless confidence in your Akron-Utah State pick. The strength to stand firm when your 41 point pick goes down. The strength to persevere through nearly 1 month of mostly meaningless exhibitions. The strength to rejoice in victory, even as your competition mourns. How awesome that Bowl Pick'em Challenge touches everyone who dared to be extra picky.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

P-F15: Week 13 NCAA Bonus - Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

One thing I find interesting about Thanksgiving is the disproportionate amount of time spent on all foods that aren't bird. I enjoy a good bird, but aside from a turkey leg at the fair, I've never eaten one by itself.

FiveThirtyEight, ESPN's data driven nerd blog, crunched poll data recently to show the regionality of Thanksgiving side dish preferences.

As we do every year, we are having a virtual feast with all your favorite side dishes. And also in line with tradition, I'll be scoring your choices.

Dressing Your Holiday:

Our most common answer was dressing, and it is absolutely one of my favs. +4 to Swamp Dawgs (DR) and SayMyName (RB) for having good taste. Home Team Confusers (KW) added "because it has everything in it," so I want to see your dressing +4. 15 National Championships' (CG) preferred variety is crawfish. I'm down with that +4. Pee Wee Sperman (AL) said "oyster dressing," which I've never had and really want +5.

The Macaroni To My Cheese:

We had two cheese lovers, I got nothing (KS) +3 and A Northmen (ANo) +4. Its a solid dish, but extra points for A Northmen's pick of Caramelized Sweet Potato, Garlic & Rosemary Macaroni and Cheese, which keeps all the kids out.

Do The Mashed Potato:

AccidentChild (MN), chicainery (CCa), DirtBurglars (DT), Bevo XIV RIP (DW), Bill F*cking O'Brien's Juice is Loose (KH) all picked some sort of mashed or sweet potato dish +3. While usually secondary to the dressing in my opinion, extra props to chicainery for the baked sweet potatoes with pecans & brown sugar +4 and all of the props if a ever see the item that KH and KZ submit every single year of Pick'em's existence: Gramma Boots' SWEET POTATO PONE +5.

Going Stag:

Somebody had to bring the cranberry sauce --right out of the can -- to the meal (Gig'em (AP) +3), Green Been Casserole (Tannesaurus Rex (CT) +4), Pumpkin Pie (Naked Bootleggers (JN) +3), Alcohol (The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC) +4), and what I consider the greatest side dish; Gravy (Left Hand Scissors (GN) +4).

Peyton's Ponies (MM) almost flirted with the potato gang above, but decided to put a little wow in our collective meal with a brussel sprout salad and a cranberry stuffing +4.

Alexandria Cyclones (SS) submitted pimento cheese. I freaking love pimento cheese, but I've never seen it at Thanksgiving. However, I think I'd like to. +5 for pimento cheese.

I should warn some of you that Beelzebubbles (CCo) may bring "this little cutie [she] met in Dallas at the game last year" +3. I don't think it is the first time we've heard that though.

Long Form:

BlitzKrieg's (RK) +6 answer is presented unedited below. Happy Holidays to everyone.
I hark back to when I had season tickets for the Lions. We would show up at our tailgate spot at 7:30 a.m. and begin to drink. By about 10:30, I was ready for my morning pre-Thanksgiving feast meal (for the purpose of this question, I'll consider it a side) -- Winter's bratwurst. I'm still searching the Austin area for a quality purveyor of sausages so that I can continue the tradition with my kids.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

P-F15 Cards and Scoreboard Links

NCAA Pick'em

NFL Pick'em

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Official 2015 Pickem-Football Annual Recruitment Post

For those of you who have grown up playing Pick'em Dash Football, you already know how important is has been in shaping your healthy lifestyle. However, for those who have had a more sedated, non-picking lifestyle, it’s time to get up off the youtubes (for a minute) and sign up for happiness.
I'm not talking about just turning on the tube for that Wednesday night high scoring thriller. You need to invest in football by getting doing things with your keyboard, mouse, or wireless pocket phone. Playing sports teach you a number of things about life blah blah blah. Picking sports makes your life meaningful, happier, and almost probably healthier.
Now I'm not so presumptuous to assume you will just sign up on a whim based on the first two paragraphs. That’s preposterous, absurd, unreasonable, and everything that is the opposite of well-balanced. I'm going to write more paragraphs, and then you'll certainly want to give this a try.
Picking is an important exercise for your mind and body, and it will teach you a countless things about friendship, leadership (or leading), and losing. Football is a team sport, so when a team wins, there are like 80 winners in the locker room. Picking is individual and only one of you can be the winner of one of the four contests. You may even win multiple contests teaching valuable losing lessons to more of your P-F brothers and sisters.
Let’s take a look at how picking may add new dimensions to your already complex roads to health.

Friends for Life

Once you sign up, I will have your email address, you will have my mobile number, and we can be long distance buddies forever. This section is complete.


Confidence is a little more complicated in the age of the Internet of Things. I’m going to present something here. You read it and I’ll see you on the flip side for a last note of confidence.

Pickem-football consists of 4 games: 2 regular-season and 2 post-season games. Regular season pick’em games are the following:
  1. NCAA: 15 games to pick per week. Picks are against the spread. I provide the odds for each game.
  2. NFL: 14-16 (all) NFL games per week. These picks are straight up. That means no spread and you are picking winners.
I send these picks to you via a link to a Google Form. It’s easy and you can even do your business from your phone.

On the game card for each week's NCAA and NFL games, I may include optional bonus questions (example from last year Boomer! Sooner!). While these won't increase your score for the regular-season games, the "points" are collected and used to give you an advantage in the post-season games. Bonus points are also given to weekly winners, for paying your entry fee early, and for some other random stuff I make up along the way.

Post season games are the following:
3.   NCAA FBS Bowl Games: All the bowls (35? I've lost count). Picked confidence pool style. Straight up (no spread).
4.  NFL Playoff Games. All the games (11). Picked week-to-week against the spread.

When one picks, one will feel invested, and at the kickoff of each game, one will feel joy and/or invincibility. That's confidence.

The Right Fit

It’s obvious now that active picking of football games boosts your health tremendously. It not only keeps your mind active, but it keeps your fingers agile too. But nothing truly great in life is free. Literally no one likes picking something for nothing. I remember as a kid waiting in a long line for the Pepsi challenge. But that challenge wasn't about figuring out what sample tasted better. If you picked Pepsi, you got a gift. I picked Pepsi.

Therefore, the cost of Pick'em Dash Football is $25 for the entire season, which is seriously a bargain and I'll tell you why. We play for roughly five months, which comes out to something like $0.16 a day, give or take a penny.

This is your league and I'm just sharing the health. All of the money collected goes to the winners. The distribution of the pots varies slightly based on the number of players, but is typically about 35% NCAA, 35% NFL, 15% NCAA Bowls, 15% NFL Playoffs. Payouts are given to first and second place players in the regular season games, so you can lose and still make your entry fee back.

Click and Pick Your Way to Healthiness

When you start picking football games, you may notice that you pay special attention to other choices you make in life. You will find ways to boost your good picks and avoid the things that adversely affect your picks. You may get hungrier. This is normal, because when your mind is active, your body tends to expend more energy than usual. You can capitalize on this boost by hydrating properly and balancing the hydration with foods of various textures. I'm not a doctor, but I will stay in a Holiday Inn Express this football season.

Now go on and click your way to a better you by registering for the 2015 iteration of Pick'em Dash Football. Green 80, Green 80, Koala, Koala, Hut-Hut!!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

P-F14: NFL Playoff Challenge - Scoreboard

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P-F14: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 1 - It Begins

Filling out the card. The beginning of a Pick'em contest. The previews for the Annie remake. The pinnacle of your optimism.

And then there is now. Annie would have made a great HBO movie event and several of us kicked off bowl season with an "L". But the bowl season is spectacularly long, and virtually -- yeah quite literally anything can happen.

Get off that cliff. Grab a beverage and Cheetos and/or whatever. This is going to be awesome.

Click on the picks below to make it bigger. Depending on your browser, you may also need to right click and "view image" to be able to zoom.

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