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P-F12: Week 5 NFL Results

updated 10/2/12 11:02 AM

Refs are back!

If you were going to forget your NFL picks, this may have been the week. Three of you guys rode BlitzKrieg's coattails to a 7/15 week. The league averaged 10/15. Collectively, we are picking 59% straight up through the season.

The weekend primetime games were a stumbling block for picking, but continue to be good games for NBC and ESPN. The Pick'em surprise of the week (12% correct) was St. Louis fieldgoaling the Seahawks to death (avoids the whole simultaneous possession issue). 2012 Week 5 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winners = 3pts. DCo, JBe, AP (12/15 picks)

Double Digit Card (12+) = 3pts. DCo, JBe, AP

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, AP (new, thanks!), KP, DD, Lo (new, thanks!), DT (new, thanks!), JHu, ANe

MNF Props = 1pt each. I'm just saying guys, I GAVE YOU THE FREAKING ANSWER TO THE ROMO INT QUESTION. I'm pretty sure that whenever I include that question, Romo has always thrown the most picks. 100% of the time. Just like in the college picks how you will pick on the wrong side of the Wisconsin line every single week. These are Pick'em law. But, how could I have known that Romo would throw a trifecta? Dude blows a Cowboy drive with a pick that ALSO gave Chicago the first TD. That's So Romo.
(Romo - 5 INTs, Chicago - 1st TD, Over 41.5). ANo (2), GN (1), KW (2), DW (1), KH (1), KZ (0), RK (2), CCa (2), KS (1), GF (0), JHa (1), CCo (0), DCo (0), A-C (1), CG (1), JBe (0), MN (0), JC (0), JN (1), JBi (1), AP (3), KP (1), MF (1), DD (0), Lo (0), DT (1), JHu (0), ANe (0), SE (2)

Pimp Possee removes the "co-" tag from his leader title this week. BlitzKrieg (RK) was human for a week... drops 12 spots. While Pimp Possee is picking at a fairly strong 68% rate, the lead is razor thin and more than half the league is picking 60%+.

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P-F12: Week 5 NCAA Results

updated 9/30/12 2:10 PM

In honor of pigs and farmers...

- Watch More Funny Videos 2012 Week 5 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

P-F12: Week 4 NFL Results

updated 9/26/12 2:23 PM

Look people, how about we lay off the refs.

Oh, I don't mean we should layoff the refs.I'm just saying that we all make mistakes. Just like back when Michael Vick switched to dog fighting because it turned out cock fighting wasn't what he thought it was.

Don't hate. Celebrate. And don't just celebrate. Do the Pee Wee.

Better now?


9/16 correct picks got the job done this week. You can blame the rest on the Vikings and the refs. If I was a Viking, my name would be Godfred the Ruthless. True story. If I was a ref, I bet it would be Ed.

We have some new #1s. BlitzKrieg (RK), Pimp Possee (JBe), and Double D (DD). The 64% straight up is still less than Bevo XIV (DW) is doing on the ATS college side.

As a league we picked 46% this week. Ugh. That brings our cumulative average down to 57%. 2012 Week 4 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winners = 3pts. KS, JBi, Lo (9/16 picks)

Double Digit Card (12+) = 3pts. None

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, KP, DD, JHu, ANe

MNF Props = 1pt each. (Seattle +3.5, Under 47.5).ANo (0), GN (1), KW (0), DW (1), KH (1), KZ (1), RK (2), CCa (2), KS (1), GF (1), JHa (1), CCo (1), DCo (1), A-C (1), CG (1), JBe (1), MN (1), JC (1), JN (0), JBi (0),    AP (1), KP (1), MF (0), DD (1),    Lo (2),    DT (1),    JHu (1), ANe (1), SE (1)

Tim Tebow 4 Prez: Separate post coming.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

P-F12: Week 4 NCAA Results

I don't have a lot of time today. I'm just going to tell it the way it is.

Next question.


We had a three headed weekly winner this week: RK, CCa, and DT. The winners picked 10/15 correct.

Bevo XIV (DW) is on top overall for the 3rd straight week. He's picking 65% ATS.

We picked a respectable 49% ATS this week. We are picking 49% ATS for the year. 2012 Week 4 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winners = 3pts. RK, CCa, DT (10/15 picks)

Double Digit Card (10+) = 3pts. RK, CCa, DT

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, KP, DD, JHu, ANe

Game of the Week = 3pts (Clem/FSU). ANo, DW, KH, RK, CCa, GF, DCo, MF, JHu

Best Bets (three correct picks needed):
TXH8R (DT): USC, ND, Oregon (note, there were two USC's on the card. Both covered though) +3
Chumlee Banditos (KP): Kansas St., Maryland, Rutgers +3
The Chex Mixers (KW): What is "garanteed"? Aren't you married to an educator? -1 she don't educate me


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

P-F12: Week 3 NFL Results

updated 9/18/12 1:58PM

Complaining about the refs is the new Tebow was the new Brett Farve was the...

If TV and radio announcers can't stop talking about it, can Goodell get us some replacements?


First, an administrative item. I had a mistake on the card. I failed to recognize the St. Louis Cardinal move and flubbed up the Rams game with the 'skins. Everyone selected Washington except BlitzKrieg. Kentucky Wildmen first alerted me of the error, and despite several emails back and forth from my phone, I never hit the computer and fixed it. BlitzKrieg found the problem again later, alerted me, and correctly selected Washington's opponent. Since I have no idea if my mistake was to blame for you guys all picking Washington, I've give you all the pick. To compensate BlitzKrieg for his correct pick, I've given him 3 bonus points. Kentucky Wildmen emailed me about the problem, and still picked the game wrong. For the effort though, I've given him 1 bonus point.

Of course, we all would have gotten the pick correct anyway if not for the Redskins getting Cortland Finnegan'ed.

BlitzKrieg (RK) and Beelzebubbles (CCo) won the week with 12/15 correct. 2012 Week 3 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

As a whole, we picked 59% in the NFL contest this week.

Our league leader is still Cacti3 (DCo), but he now co-leads with the weekly co-winner BlitzKrieg. It's early though.

Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winner = 3pts. RK, CCo (12/15 picks)

Double Digit Card (12+) = 3pts. RK, CCo

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, KP, DD, JHu, ANe

MNF Props = 1pt ea. (Falcons -2.5, Under 51.5). ANo (2), GN (2), KW (1), DW (1), KH (1), KZ (1), RK (2), CCa (1), KS (1), GF (0), JHa (1), CCo (2), DCo (1), A-C (0), CG (0), JBe (1), MN (0), JC (0), JN (0), JBi (2), AP (1), KP (1), MF (0), DD (2), Lo (0), DT (2), JHu (0), ANe (0), SE (1)

P-F12: Week 3 NCAA Results

Schadenfreude of the Week: Matt Barkley will finish 0-4 in his career vs. Stanford.

Your weekend had to be better.


I won the week with 12/15 correct.


Yes, but Bevo XIV (DW) still leads the league with 31 total points. Dude is picking 69% against the spread after 45 games. Amazing sprint out of the gate.

As a whole, we picked 45% ATS this week. We are picking 49% ATS for the year. 2012 Week 3 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winner = 3pts. GN (12/15 picks)

Double Digit Card (10+) = 3pts. GN, KS

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, KP, DD, JHu, ANe

Game of the Week = 3pts (ND/Mich St). GN, KH, RK, CCa, KS, A-C, KP, Lo, SE

What team on the card will score the most points this week? Texas Longhorns, 66
Correct Answer(s) (+3): CG


Saturday, September 15, 2012

NFL Bonus: Two MNF games. For it? Against it?

Unlike the tailgate intensity question, there is no wrong answer here, only weak efforts.

The For Its

14 National Championships (CG): Love it. Wifee, not so much. Double up, come up for my bets lost on Saturday and Sunday. (+3, double up, like)

A Northmen (ANo): For it... you can't ever get enough football yo! (+3, yo)

AccidentChild (MN): For it. Why not? (+2, seriously)

Beelzebubbles (CCo): Always for! I can switch during commercials and never feel football empty. (+2, football empty is a terrible feeling)

Ferments-A-Lot (GN): Does The Man really like it? I'm for anything that irritates The Man. (+2)

Bevo XIV (DW): For it. It's one fewer game that I can't watch on Sunday due to regional and TV distribution limitations, and the west coast gets a bone. We're only about 5 years away from one or two games a night each weeknight with all 4 (plus cable) networks chipping in billions for the rights to one or two days a week. (+3, it's always all about the money)

BlitzKrieg (RK): For it. As a fan of a team that normally plays in the 1 p.m. Eastern slot on Sundays, I tend to miss at least half of the NFL games a week. I love the idea of moving one of these games to Monday night to create a doubleheader -- I now have the option of seeing one more live game a week. (+3, practical)

Bourbon Street Bounty Hunters (JC): FOR anything that gives us more football staggered across a given week, period. (+2, me too)

Double D (DD): For it. Duh. Universal law. If one is good, two MUST be better (football games, carburetors, girls). (+3, carburetors… good stuff)

Gig'em (AP): For it! Just wish there were better matchups! Looking forward to all the Thursday Night games this year though. (+3, prerequisite is sh!tty West Coast match-up)

Kentucky Wildmen (GF): I have two DVR boxes now, that means I can go elsewhere and watch something interesting instead of the Cartoon Network. So I am for it!!! I just wish that we would quit showing Big Easy(t) games on Thursday night. (+3, that answer is all over the place… love it)

Pimp Possee (JBe): For to watch more prime time games. (+2, more is good)

WhoDat4Life (Lo): I would LOVE it...that would be two reasons for Mondays not to completely suck! (+2, Mondays do kinda suck)

The Against Its

Cacti3 (DCo): Totally against!!!!!!!!!!!! (+2, but the 12 slammers make me think you are not serious)

Chumlee Banditos (KP): Against it. They should spread it out over a week. Thursday night opener except when the DNC/RNC have a prominent speaker like say the President. The Obama team were probably worried that no one would have watched his speech if it ran at the same time as the opener. Sunday games as usual. Monday night football game and a Tuesday game. (+3, I'm OK with that)

JoeMama_TheGreek (JHu): Nope. Don't like it. (+1, but why?)

Large Donkey IPA (KS): Against it. How about a Tuesday night game? And the announcers are always awful. (+2, I'm all for a Tuesday Night game)

Levain's Cookies (A-C): Against it. First one starts too early, second one ends too late. (+2, fair enough)

Mr. Smokeypants (KH): Against, can't stay up that late anymore. #DaddySmokeypants (+2, #old)

Naked Bootleggers (JN): Against it. 6pm still on the road coming home from work and missing the first quarter, 10:15pm already in bed and won't make it past the first quarter. If you think about it with two games I get to see one whole game, so maybe I am for it! (+2, ha, and maybe you work too much)

One Man Wolf Pack (MF): Against, I don't like west coast nfl teams anyway. (+2, that is the problem with the 2nd game)

Replacement Picks (ANe): Completely against it. My access to ESPN is limited, which means more football on Monday nights is less football for me. If it was worked out where I could watch more football on Monday nights, then I would be all for it. More football = better life. (+2, interesting perspective)

SITKNM (JHa): Against it. (+1, cool, but why?)

Team Awesome (SE): Against it, should only be one game on monday night it. Tradition. (TRADITION! That was the secret bonus word for this question. +3)

The Chex Mixers (KW): Against it, I have football palate fatigue by then and need a coming down game, not a double jam down your throat event again. (+3… for wording)

TXH8R (DT): Don't watch it/them in the first place. (+1. What!?)

NFL Bonus: Why are NFL tailgates so much more intense than college tailgates?

Intensity level may be subjective, but what intensity actually means is not disputable. Intensity is extreme, not just big, exciting, serious, or loud. Intensity is extremely big and extremely serious. NFL tailgates are more intense. Here is what you guys said.

The "Yes, I agree" group:

A Northmen (ANo): Because there are old men fighting to be young again, more company sponsored tailgates, and college kids don't have any money.
Agreed (+4)

Beelzebubbles (CCo): Well speaking from experience. My child asked for money to pitch in to rent an RV to ride from Tuscaloosa to Dallas this past weekend I told her haaiilllllllll no! I am not dishing out all this dough for you to party it up in Dallas! Soooooo I, however, will sell a kidney to get to a Dallas game this year.

Bevo XIV (DW): Two different animals:
- More people from out of town
- More diverse fan group (students, families, drunkards)
- More diverse parking (most college stadiums lack central parking lots, being on campus and all)
- More people in town (easier prep)
- More male adult (25 - 45) with more disposable income (have you seen the price of NFL tickets)
- More centralized parking on site (easier logistics for blowouts)

Somehow this adds up to intensity.
Pretty great answer, my friend (+4)

BlitzKrieg (RK): I believe it is because at college tailgates, half of the tailgaters don't even make it into the game. College kids will show up for the party and not care as much about the game. The prices for tickets at NFL games ensure that all tailgaters actually make it into the stadium. As a result, all people at an NFL tailgate actually care about the game they are about to witness -- they are somewhat vested in the outcome. For example, prior to the dark days of Millen when I still lived in Detroit and when the Lions made the playoffs semi-regularly (6 appearances between '91 and '99), I was a season ticket holder and tailgated in the Silverdome lots before every home game. There was one set of tailgaters near us that owned a bump shop and would bring an old car painted with the logo and colors of the opponent. They would then take a sledgehammer to it as part of the revelry. I haven't seen that at a college tailgate yet.

Double D (DD): Alcohol of course. Accumulated loss of brain cells from the aggregate tailgates leads to a much more frenetic experience. Not to mention that since it occurs on Sunday it has the good lord's blessing. Amen and pass me another Shiner.
Like (+4)

Gig'em (AP): Most NFL fans are out of school and have more money to go all out on tailgating. Also, in college, the under 21 year olds have to be discrete in flaunting the alcohol which may not even be allowed on campus. I know you were looking for some funny off the wall response, but this is just simple...sorry :)
No need to apologize when you are exactly right (+3)

JoeMama_TheGreek (JHu): More passionate fans.
True (+3)

Levain's Cookies (A-C): Because every day is a tailgate in college.
OK… I could build an argument around that. (+4)

Mr. Smokeypants (KH): More grumpy old men, no quadrennial rotation of hotties.
Yeah. Awesome. (+4)

Naked Bootleggers (JN): NFL tailgates are more intense because you drink, eat, party and play cornhole harder to get the most out of the $100+ it cost to park your tailgate at Dallas Cowboy games.
$100/game? Whoa. (+3)

One Man Wolf Pack (MF): Money. Older established working people can put on a better party than poor college kids and peeps who just graduated (30k millionaires).
NFL tailgates have a large amount of people that spend all their entertainment money on the NFL. But, you did have the right answer. (+3)

Pimp Possee (JBe): The older and fatter you get, wives only allow 1 day of partying...hence the intensity.
Really like. (+4)

WhoDat4Life (Lo): College kids party drink and support but on a much lower income level than the crazy face and belly painting bastard who is a CEO and paid a ton of money for season tickets.
Yep. (+3)

Replacement Picks (ANe): There are two major reasons. 1. The longer you are out of college, the more you are forced to attempt to relive the college experience, which typically means it takes more to impress your friends and fellow fans. 2. Most of the time, you have access to a lot more money than you did in college, so you can create an experience which is greater than it was in college, which, of course, is a requirement to impress your friends and fellow fans.
Truth. (+4)

SITKNM (JHa): Because Bubba didn't go to college!
Also truth. (+4)

TXH8R (DT): College tailgates are students who are just trying to get it on with that chick that their friends GF brought to the game. The guys want to look cool while getting their drink on so they can impress the chick. Then there are the over-aged guys who only get to party six times a year at the tailgate. They too, like that chick sitting across from them wearing their school themed dress and cowboy boots. Being the old guy at the tailgate and balding, he drinks but doesn't want to get noticed too much. However, he then snakes the chick from the college guy by pulling out his wad of cash and then driving her off in his vette.

NFL tailgates are nothing but guys who never went to college and could never get that chick in the first place (think Oakland raiders). They never grew up and have nothing to live for so they drink and party and drink some more. They don't have any girls to impress so they get so crazy they end up in the stadium jail missing the game.
Right on. (+4), despite the terrible team name.

The Chex Mixers (KW): College students party constantly and are tailgating only for the purpose of day drinking. Old People who can afford season tickets/parking/food/etc. don't party like college students. So given the chance to cook/drink/eat and yell like a caveman (which they don't get to do every often, for the most part), things can get a little out of hand.
BOOM! Nail. Head. (+5)

The "I don't go to games" group:

AccidentChild (MN): No idea. I go to neither.
Sad (+1)

The "I'm always severely drunk before games, so I can't tell" group:(also known as the "everything is better in the SEC and I won't hear of anything else" group)

14 National Championships (CG): They aren't. Roll Tide.
WRONG!! (+1)

Bourbon Street Bounty Hunters (JC): Ummmm, they fucking aren't. The end.
Totally fkn wrong, Tiger. (+1)

Kentucky Wildmen (GF): Huh?!?!? The only intensity in NFL tailgates that I see are of fights over increasing limited spaces. Maybe I just came from a premier tailgate school.... When you see the whole campus (parking lots, open fields, and even in the grass against the building) become one big tailgate party with 110k fans (~20k people tailgating without tickets), pro game tailgates look amateurish and trivial.
Hahahahahahaha. At least you are funny. Don't change, Tigers :) (+1)

The Mad Bomber (KZ): They aren't.
WRONG, Tiger! (+1)

Chumlee Banditos (KP): Really? Now who wouldn't want to be this dude at ASU's tailgates? White guy Michael Jackson moves? I am just saying...

This tailgate is almost at the complete other end of the spectrum of an intense NFL tailgate. Note everyone there is totally laid back. That is drunkenness, not intensity. (+2 for the fun video)

The "drunk is drunk" group:

Large Donkey IPA (KS): Grain alcohol and um..... I forgot
I can't determine your opinion, but what the hell. (+3)

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P-F12: Week 3 Scorecard Links

For your weekend pick watching pleasure.



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NCAA Bonus: AT&T Gets the Longhorn Network. What Bevo XIV (DW) Does.



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NCAA Bonus: AT&T Gets the Longhorn Network. What do you do?

AUSTIN – Just forty-eight hours before the season kicked off for the Texas Longhorns, ESPN and AT&T U-verse announced a deal that brings the Longhorn Network to an additional 600,000 homes (roughly 599,950 more homes than previously in the "footprint"). The network is a 20-year, $300 million partnership between ESPN and Texas athletics that is even paying dividends on the academic side

Viewable or not, the Longhorn Network is next level media. But what do the sharp sport minds in leagues such as Pickem Dash Football think of  the AT&T deal?

"PEW! Pew Pew Pew Peeeeewwwwww!!" U-verse customer and Texas Law School Graduate Mr. Smokeypants (KH) while doing an invisible pistol routine (+4). "Why hasn't my husband ordered the damn thing for our Living Room!?" A Northmen (ANo) complained, but then made a face looking something like ": -)" (+3). "I'll probably just – uhh – 'borrow' the password of a subscriber," someone requesting to stay anonymous said.

I will "drool in envy because I don't have cable at all, and it is just another sports network I will miss out on" (+3) says Replacement Picks (ANe).

Some people are willing to go to extremes for this ground breaking media venture. Cacti3 (DCo) told us with a really serious look on his face, "I already tried to get U-verse, but it's currently not in my area. So we are moving!!!" (+4).

Some people – not so extreme. "I'll go to a buddy's house and watch game. I'm thinking it will be on most providers by next year" (+3) said One Man Wolf Pack (MF).

While it was a wonderful announcement for Longhorn fans with U-verse, reaction in the Pickem Dash Football community was definitely mixed. "DirecTV has everything, so what?" (+2) asks Pimp Possee (JBe). At press time, DirecTV did not appear to carry the Longhorn Network or the new network for all Houston Rockets and Astros games. "I'll stick with Comcast/Xfinity," (+2) says frog hunting enthusiast Gig'em! (AP)

Austin resident BlitzKrieg (RK) would rather stick with DirecTV. He's got ninety-nine problems, but a Horn is not one of those problems. "I can see UT play in person rather than on the LHN, however, I would only be able to see the Detroit Lions play a maximum of three times a season on national broadcasts" (+3). DirecTV has an even more gangsta deal with the NFL than Texas has with ESPN. AccidentChild (MN) adds "Who pays for that overpriced garbage. DirecTV" (+3), which could have two different meanings depending on if you are or aren't Bill Clinton.

"Don't give in to that BS. [Only] suckers pay to switch for two games. DirecTV rules!" (+3) exclaims McDoyle 14 National Championships (CG). He also had something to say about the news of Texas A&M's mythical championships. "Quit hatin', at least we have been claiming those titles this entire time. I would prefer [] not compare my squad to some dipsh!t [agriculture school]. Good day to you." The P-F commissioner was unavailable for comment.

"Block the channel," "ask for a refund," "boycott," and "get a penicillin shot and sleep with her sister" were common responses when we polled guys named JoeMama_TheGreek (JHu), Naked Bootleggers (JN), Monsters of the Midway (JBi), and Double D (DD) (+2).

The Pickem Dash Football community is known for its refinement and focus on quality, so it wasn't a surprise to hear TXH8R (DT) say "If AT&T U-verse is anything like their wireless it won't matter...the picture will freeze up and you will miss most of the games and shows because of their crappy network" (+3)

AT&T has a notoriously bad wireless network. 

"Just because they offer it doesn't mean it will be working when the game is on," experienced AT&T consumer SITKNM (JHa) adds (+3). Bourbon Street Bounty Hunters (JC) has an interesting way of processing the LHN news. "I go read this article each time AT&T drops my call… and giggle" (+2). It's all hearsay at the moment, but apparently the fourteen team strong Southeastern Conference is more valuable than a single university.

In the face of all the euphoria, outrage, and/or confusion in the United States of America, some people were completely unfazed by the LHN news. I will just "go to the Fox and Hound on Westheimer and watch the 'Bama game," (+3) said new Alabama fan Beelzebubbles (CCo). "Sorry but Longhorn football hasn't been supper (sp) exciting to watch since Vince Young," (+3) adds an LSU Tiger, The Mad Bomber (KZ). A local street rapper going by the name of Chumlee Banditos (KP) chimed in: "I don't care. I'm a Baylor Bear" (+4). He then shook his derriere, gave a prayer, and with a stare, said "ARRRRGHHHH!"

Levain's Cookies (A-C) said at the exact same time, like you see identical twins often do: "We will 1) Watch the Aggies get blown out of the SEC. 2) Pick-out our outfit for the Texans game. 3) Preview the Sunday Ticket game-mix on DirecTV" (+3).

"I invented the Erin Andrews filled snack food, suck it Cowboys," says Large Donkey IPA (KS), obviously pandering for something unknown to this reporter (+4).

The despite similar negotiations for sports networks like the NFL Network, Big Ten Network, and ESPNU, the process is still queer and confusing to the average television sports enthusiast. LSU graduate and language inventor, Kentucky Wildmen (GF), felt a little of both. "I don't know. I would still be shaking my head that it has taken this long just to pick up a carrier. Doesn't sound like this part was well thought out. But alas, this only pertains to the Big 12 so it is of little concern to me. Go SEC" (+3). "The checks have been clearing every month," countered an anonymous bystander. WhoDat4Life (Lo) recommends ESPN "heavily advertise in the College Station area for sh!ts and giggles" (+3). "BUTT BURN in College Statioin!!!" yells another guy nearby. Old Ag, The Chex Mixers (KW), says he won't watch it. "I don't feel like vomiting out of control" (+3).


Team Awesome (SE) simply had no comment (+0)

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

P-F12: Week 2 NFL Results

last updated 9/11/12 5:24 PM

Drink a bloody mary... it's time to get up for another day of footballin'.


How youuuu doin'? Hopefully better than young QB without roman numerals in his name.

SCORECARD: 2012 Week 2 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard




P-F12: Week 2 NCAA Results


I don't know. It's good. I know that.


It wasn't a good day for Big 12 defectors. Nebraska lost to unranked UCLA. Colorado lost to Sacramento State. Missouri lost to Georgia. And Texas A&M lost to Florida. Those last three were on their home fields. I don't know if this made any of your days sweeter, but #8 Arkansas losing to LA-Mo at home, leading to the 2nd biggest fall in the AP Top 25 in history was icing on top of a well decorated college football Saturday cake.

Speaking of good days. Bevo XIV (DW) had a good week with 13/15 correct picks. But that's not all. DW has sprinted out of the gate with two consecutive double digit cards. Kentucky Wildmen (GF) also is 2 for 2 on double digit NCAA cards. Like, so jeal.

How was your week?

SCORECARD: 2012 Week 2 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard





Here is how bonus points were tallied. (Note: Your AT&T U-Verse bonus question answers will be part of a post later in the week.) Weekly Winner = 3pts. DW (13/15 picks)   Double Digit Card (dubs) = 3pts. DW, KH, RK, GF Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, KP, DD, JHu, ANe   Game of the Week = 3pts (FLA/A&M). ANo, GN, KW, DW, RK, CCo, DCo, CG, JBe, MN, JC, JN, JBi, MF, DT, JHu, ANe

Friday, September 7, 2012

What is the statute of limitations on National Championships?

So I think most people that follow any media source has seen this linked, Texas A&M is now a 3x National Champion, and likewise raised their Big 12 title ring count by 200% to 3.  How does this happen?

The photo tells it all (before up, after below).

I won't rehash the semantics of the two National Titles (read the above article, Harvard has some claims to one of them).  I'm sure Alabama wholeheartedly endorses these, as Pre-Hitler titles now total six for the two schools (hey, that's more than Texas, that's cool).  The SEC will probably adjust their total (for current schools) to further their world domination argument.

The conference title grab is laughable (also in the above article, but worth repeating).  The 1997 Big XII title includes the "Conference Title Game" in which Nebraska defeated them "54-15" (was 40-3 after 3 quarters).  So I guess the title game was more of a mere inconvenience as all participants get to claim titles.  I have some sympathy for the 2010 Aggies, they got the 2008 Longhorns treatment, by having Oklahoma (who they had beat) play Nebraska (who they had beat) for the Conference Title having not made South Championship due to a 3-way tiebreaker, although the BCS rank wasn't in this one, overall record was, their extra loss in an admirable out of conference loss to Arkansas was the difference.  Although taking ties in division titles whatever the tiebreaker would have meant 5 conference champs that year.

I'm still deciding whether it's more fun to make fun of Aggie after they've left the Big XII or not.

BTW, if it were up to me, I think Texas should vacate the 1970 title, lost to Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl.  It wasn't a real national championship and waters down the three unbelievably dominant undefeated seasons of 1963, 1969, and 2005.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

P-F12: Week 1 Results, My Observations

The bad thing about attending games in person, especially night games, is that you don't really get to watch any other game. I caught about 10 minutes of the 8:00AM Notre Dame/Navy game, then drove out of town, tailgated all day, went to the game, tailgated some more, then went to bed.

The good thing is that I have the interwebs, I've checked out all the box scores, and I think I figured out what happened.

First, some administrative stuff:

WEEK 1 SCORECARD 2012 Week 1 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard



Here is how bonus points were tallied. (Note: The pre-Week 1 bonus picks have been added to this week's bonus also.)

Weekly Winner = 3pts. A-C, CG, AP, DT (11/15 picks)
Double Digit Card (dubs) = 3pts. DW, GF, A-C, CG, JC, JN, AP, Lo, DT
Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, KP, DD, JHu, ANe

Best Bets = 3pts.
Each of our Best Bet winners picked 3 favorites. Interesting.
TXHTR (DT) - Notre Dame -16.5, Ohio State -22.5, Louisville -13.5
Kentucky Wildmen (GF) - West Virginia -24.5, Alabama -12.5, Louisville -13.5
JoeMama_TheGreek (JHu) - Notre Dame -16.5, West Virginia -24.5, Ohio State -22.5


I don't know what you saw, but this is what I noticed from the box scores.

Notre Dame 50 (-16.5), Navy 10. 67% of league picked correctly.
Is Notre Dame finally good? Uhhh, a forty point win in a soccer stadium. Yeah -- they are back.

Marshall 34, #11 West Virginia 69 (-24.5). 82% of league picked correctly.
When you score a point a minute, you don't need defense. Welcome to the Big 12-2, WVU. You'll fit in just fine.

Miami (OH) 10, #18 Ohio State 56 (-22.5). 82% of league picked correctly.
Buckeyes. Urban Meyer. And this catch.

Northern Iowa 21 (+7.5), #12 Wisconsin 26. 0% of the league picked correctly. Zero.
Vegas didn't have a line on this game when I did the card. I MADE ONE UP. I saw spreads of 33 before the weekend. Wiscy didn't cover the fake spread, y'all! This game ruined most of the league's Best Bets. So what happened?!!!! The box score tells me that No. Iowa just had a late "surge." No need to panic, cheese lovers.

Southern Miss 20, #17 Nebraska 49 (-19.5). 75% of the league picked correctly.
Taylor Martinez threw for 354 yds, had 5 TD passes, and covers the spread easily. Damn. That is taking care of biz.

Bowling Green 14 (+28.5), #23 Florida 27. 43% of the league picked correctly.
Florida didn't even score as many points as the spread. "We need to be tougher and play smash mouth football" says coach (I'm guessing). "Bowling Green is a good opponent. They stepped it up today." "No, the QB situation is just how we want it." Uh oh, Coach Boom. You have the fighting Texas Ags next. They've got 12 men and stadium sway.

Colorado State 22 (+5.5), Colorado 17. 29% of the league picked correctly.
"One of the all time great rivaries." "What a game today." - says a couple of drunk guys in Denver.

North Texas 14 (+42.5), #3 LSU 41. 50% of the league picked correctly.
You don't need Honey Badgers if you score more points than the other team, new QB Zach Mettenberger. Oh, LSU had 316 rushing yards. That works, but not to cover 42.5 points.

Hawaii 10, #1 USC 49 (-38.5). 57% of the league picked correctly.
Aloha. USC, no longer on sanctions, scores a 4th quarter TD to put them over the number. I don't trust 'em. Aloha.

Texas State 30 (+36.5), Houston 13. 64% of the league picked correctly.
Texas State proves they belong in the FBS. Houston remembers they belong in UIL 5A.

Wyoming 17 (+28.5), #15 Texas 37. 54% of the league picked correctly.
Texas meets everyone's expectations (of everyone who had low expectations). Just saying.

#8 Michigan 14, #2 Alabama 41 (-12.5). 71% of the league picked correctly.
Tide dominates in Jerry World. Michigan may be good, but Bama is really good... at least in the first quarter.

#14 Clemson 26 (-3.5), Auburn 19. 54% of the league picked correctly.
It was full cat-on-cat in the Gays Won't Be Saved College Football Kickoff in Atlanta. Clemson wore the pants on Saturday.

#4 Oklahoma 24, UTEP 7 (+30.5). 32% of the league picked correctly.
Sooners are going to lose. Sooners are going to lose. Sooners are going to lose! Oh. Never mind.

Kentucky 14, #25 Louisville 32 (-13.5). 68% of the league picked correctly.
Last game on the card. HIGH FIVE!

Great breakdown of this animated gif from SB Nation.
Layers within layers here, with each loop bringing new information to us.

For starters, the man falling here is not responsible for the worst high-five in the frame. That honor actually belongs to the backwards-hat and sweatband guy in the foreground and the guy with the chains and the white goatee. Backwards-hat performs his half of the high-five before the recipient is ready, resulting in a delayed echo-five. Like one of those banks where you put a coin in a groove and a small plastic hand reaches out and snatches it.

Also worth nothing: the fan in the glasses on the extreme right-hand edge of the frame who also appears to be engaged in a woefully sub-par high-five that may be turning into "skins."
Also also worth noting:
- Two beer-holding guys engaged in INTENSE conversation
- Guy next to falling guy only has the faintest dawning of something amiss when his arm is nudged
- Woman's hat-brim struck by falling man's hat-brim, leading to instant of sheer terror on woman's face