NFL Bonus: Why are NFL tailgates so much more intense than college tailgates?

Intensity level may be subjective, but what intensity actually means is not disputable. Intensity is extreme, not just big, exciting, serious, or loud. Intensity is extremely big and extremely serious. NFL tailgates are more intense. Here is what you guys said.

The "Yes, I agree" group:

A Northmen (ANo): Because there are old men fighting to be young again, more company sponsored tailgates, and college kids don't have any money.
Agreed (+4)

Beelzebubbles (CCo): Well speaking from experience. My child asked for money to pitch in to rent an RV to ride from Tuscaloosa to Dallas this past weekend I told her haaiilllllllll no! I am not dishing out all this dough for you to party it up in Dallas! Soooooo I, however, will sell a kidney to get to a Dallas game this year.

Bevo XIV (DW): Two different animals:
- More people from out of town
- More diverse fan group (students, families, drunkards)
- More diverse parking (most college stadiums lack central parking lots, being on campus and all)
- More people in town (easier prep)
- More male adult (25 - 45) with more disposable income (have you seen the price of NFL tickets)
- More centralized parking on site (easier logistics for blowouts)

Somehow this adds up to intensity.
Pretty great answer, my friend (+4)

BlitzKrieg (RK): I believe it is because at college tailgates, half of the tailgaters don't even make it into the game. College kids will show up for the party and not care as much about the game. The prices for tickets at NFL games ensure that all tailgaters actually make it into the stadium. As a result, all people at an NFL tailgate actually care about the game they are about to witness -- they are somewhat vested in the outcome. For example, prior to the dark days of Millen when I still lived in Detroit and when the Lions made the playoffs semi-regularly (6 appearances between '91 and '99), I was a season ticket holder and tailgated in the Silverdome lots before every home game. There was one set of tailgaters near us that owned a bump shop and would bring an old car painted with the logo and colors of the opponent. They would then take a sledgehammer to it as part of the revelry. I haven't seen that at a college tailgate yet.

Double D (DD): Alcohol of course. Accumulated loss of brain cells from the aggregate tailgates leads to a much more frenetic experience. Not to mention that since it occurs on Sunday it has the good lord's blessing. Amen and pass me another Shiner.
Like (+4)

Gig'em (AP): Most NFL fans are out of school and have more money to go all out on tailgating. Also, in college, the under 21 year olds have to be discrete in flaunting the alcohol which may not even be allowed on campus. I know you were looking for some funny off the wall response, but this is just simple...sorry :)
No need to apologize when you are exactly right (+3)

JoeMama_TheGreek (JHu): More passionate fans.
True (+3)

Levain's Cookies (A-C): Because every day is a tailgate in college.
OK… I could build an argument around that. (+4)

Mr. Smokeypants (KH): More grumpy old men, no quadrennial rotation of hotties.
Yeah. Awesome. (+4)

Naked Bootleggers (JN): NFL tailgates are more intense because you drink, eat, party and play cornhole harder to get the most out of the $100+ it cost to park your tailgate at Dallas Cowboy games.
$100/game? Whoa. (+3)

One Man Wolf Pack (MF): Money. Older established working people can put on a better party than poor college kids and peeps who just graduated (30k millionaires).
NFL tailgates have a large amount of people that spend all their entertainment money on the NFL. But, you did have the right answer. (+3)

Pimp Possee (JBe): The older and fatter you get, wives only allow 1 day of partying...hence the intensity.
Really like. (+4)

WhoDat4Life (Lo): College kids party drink and support but on a much lower income level than the crazy face and belly painting bastard who is a CEO and paid a ton of money for season tickets.
Yep. (+3)

Replacement Picks (ANe): There are two major reasons. 1. The longer you are out of college, the more you are forced to attempt to relive the college experience, which typically means it takes more to impress your friends and fellow fans. 2. Most of the time, you have access to a lot more money than you did in college, so you can create an experience which is greater than it was in college, which, of course, is a requirement to impress your friends and fellow fans.
Truth. (+4)

SITKNM (JHa): Because Bubba didn't go to college!
Also truth. (+4)

TXH8R (DT): College tailgates are students who are just trying to get it on with that chick that their friends GF brought to the game. The guys want to look cool while getting their drink on so they can impress the chick. Then there are the over-aged guys who only get to party six times a year at the tailgate. They too, like that chick sitting across from them wearing their school themed dress and cowboy boots. Being the old guy at the tailgate and balding, he drinks but doesn't want to get noticed too much. However, he then snakes the chick from the college guy by pulling out his wad of cash and then driving her off in his vette.

NFL tailgates are nothing but guys who never went to college and could never get that chick in the first place (think Oakland raiders). They never grew up and have nothing to live for so they drink and party and drink some more. They don't have any girls to impress so they get so crazy they end up in the stadium jail missing the game.
Right on. (+4), despite the terrible team name.

The Chex Mixers (KW): College students party constantly and are tailgating only for the purpose of day drinking. Old People who can afford season tickets/parking/food/etc. don't party like college students. So given the chance to cook/drink/eat and yell like a caveman (which they don't get to do every often, for the most part), things can get a little out of hand.
BOOM! Nail. Head. (+5)

The "I don't go to games" group:

AccidentChild (MN): No idea. I go to neither.
Sad (+1)

The "I'm always severely drunk before games, so I can't tell" group:(also known as the "everything is better in the SEC and I won't hear of anything else" group)

14 National Championships (CG): They aren't. Roll Tide.
WRONG!! (+1)

Bourbon Street Bounty Hunters (JC): Ummmm, they fucking aren't. The end.
Totally fkn wrong, Tiger. (+1)

Kentucky Wildmen (GF): Huh?!?!? The only intensity in NFL tailgates that I see are of fights over increasing limited spaces. Maybe I just came from a premier tailgate school.... When you see the whole campus (parking lots, open fields, and even in the grass against the building) become one big tailgate party with 110k fans (~20k people tailgating without tickets), pro game tailgates look amateurish and trivial.
Hahahahahahaha. At least you are funny. Don't change, Tigers :) (+1)

The Mad Bomber (KZ): They aren't.
WRONG, Tiger! (+1)

Chumlee Banditos (KP): Really? Now who wouldn't want to be this dude at ASU's tailgates? White guy Michael Jackson moves? I am just saying...

This tailgate is almost at the complete other end of the spectrum of an intense NFL tailgate. Note everyone there is totally laid back. That is drunkenness, not intensity. (+2 for the fun video)

The "drunk is drunk" group:

Large Donkey IPA (KS): Grain alcohol and um..... I forgot
I can't determine your opinion, but what the hell. (+3)


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