P-F12: Week 4 NFL Results

updated 9/26/12 2:23 PM

Look people, how about we lay off the refs.

Oh, I don't mean we should layoff the refs.I'm just saying that we all make mistakes. Just like back when Michael Vick switched to dog fighting because it turned out cock fighting wasn't what he thought it was.

Don't hate. Celebrate. And don't just celebrate. Do the Pee Wee.

Better now?


9/16 correct picks got the job done this week. You can blame the rest on the Vikings and the refs. If I was a Viking, my name would be Godfred the Ruthless. True story. If I was a ref, I bet it would be Ed.

We have some new #1s. BlitzKrieg (RK), Pimp Possee (JBe), and Double D (DD). The 64% straight up is still less than Bevo XIV (DW) is doing on the ATS college side.

As a league we picked 46% this week. Ugh. That brings our cumulative average down to 57%.

Pickem-Football.com 2012 Week 4 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winners = 3pts. KS, JBi, Lo (9/16 picks)

Double Digit Card (12+) = 3pts. None

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, KP, DD, JHu, ANe

MNF Props = 1pt each. (Seattle +3.5, Under 47.5).ANo (0), GN (1), KW (0), DW (1), KH (1), KZ (1), RK (2), CCa (2), KS (1), GF (1), JHa (1), CCo (1), DCo (1), A-C (1), CG (1), JBe (1), MN (1), JC (1), JN (0), JBi (0),    AP (1), KP (1), MF (0), DD (1),    Lo (2),    DT (1),    JHu (1), ANe (1), SE (1)

Tim Tebow 4 Prez: Separate post coming.



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