P-F12: Week 3 NFL Results

updated 9/18/12 1:58PM

Complaining about the refs is the new Tebow was the new Brett Farve was the...

If TV and radio announcers can't stop talking about it, can Goodell get us some replacements?


First, an administrative item. I had a mistake on the card. I failed to recognize the St. Louis Cardinal move and flubbed up the Rams game with the 'skins. Everyone selected Washington except BlitzKrieg. Kentucky Wildmen first alerted me of the error, and despite several emails back and forth from my phone, I never hit the computer and fixed it. BlitzKrieg found the problem again later, alerted me, and correctly selected Washington's opponent. Since I have no idea if my mistake was to blame for you guys all picking Washington, I've give you all the pick. To compensate BlitzKrieg for his correct pick, I've given him 3 bonus points. Kentucky Wildmen emailed me about the problem, and still picked the game wrong. For the effort though, I've given him 1 bonus point.

Of course, we all would have gotten the pick correct anyway if not for the Redskins getting Cortland Finnegan'ed.

BlitzKrieg (RK) and Beelzebubbles (CCo) won the week with 12/15 correct.
Pickem-Football.com 2012 Week 3 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

As a whole, we picked 59% in the NFL contest this week.

Our league leader is still Cacti3 (DCo), but he now co-leads with the weekly co-winner BlitzKrieg. It's early though.

Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winner = 3pts. RK, CCo (12/15 picks)

Double Digit Card (12+) = 3pts. RK, CCo

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, KP, DD, JHu, ANe

MNF Props = 1pt ea. (Falcons -2.5, Under 51.5). ANo (2), GN (2), KW (1), DW (1), KH (1), KZ (1), RK (2), CCa (1), KS (1), GF (0), JHa (1), CCo (2), DCo (1), A-C (0), CG (0), JBe (1), MN (0), JC (0), JN (0), JBi (2), AP (1), KP (1), MF (0), DD (2), Lo (0), DT (2), JHu (0), ANe (0), SE (1)


  1. Yeah, if you told me the Houston Gamblers were playing the Arizona Outlaws, I'd pretty much believe it, shame on me for really not following who plays who week to week, this is probably my primary source!

  2. With great pick'em power comes great pick'em responsibility.
    Commishin' it for the people.


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