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P-F22: What is your biggest disappointment of so far?

By simply being a part of this league, you've distinguished yourself as a critical thinker and someone of exquisite taste. Given your high standards, you are bound to be disappointed now and then. Sometimes, the disappointments are personal. "My picks." - Cornholio's Bunghole (BO)  +4 Sometimes it is with the teams we support. "Seeing UT ebb and flow" - accidentchild  (MN) +3 "Losing" - A Northmen (AN) +3 "(ew)ers" - Sixteen & One +3 Sometimes, it's that plus not having enough to watch in a living room full of TVs. "It's 2022 and I still can't stream LHN with a dedicated subscription." - Left Hand Scissors (GN)  +3 Guess that dream will never be fulfilled. Speaking of dreams, at least I didn't hand any of you a blank Pick'em Dash Football Championship plaque. "Texas A&M by far!" - Astros! (AP)  +3 "My Aggies.  '#1 Recruiting Class' to '#1 WTFs?'" - Huntwick Hosers (
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P-F22: Fourth Biennial Commish A.M.A. (Week 10 NCAA Bonus)

Welcome to the fourth biennial Pick’em Dash Football Ask Me Anything. You asked me anything, and now I’m answering. I even asked some online AI text generator to write the first second paragraph.  AI Text Generator : Do me a solid bro, and don’t look at your Pick’em scores too much. It’s not good  for the ego. You know what, don’t look at the scores at all. Throw your comments into the bonus questions internet and hope that one of us read it and make a connection. If you want something to do, google the others. Strike out and do what you gotta do. Strike out. Or maybe do a podcast. Maybe I’ll do a podcast. I will probably be doing commentary about how I have been taking most of you guys to the cleaners as it is on the ice, so why not call my bluff on the microphone? Tune in on Monday morning. But frankly you do not want to miss me on Twitter during the weekends, if you don’t miss my commentary on the ice. However, do not tweet at me during the weekends or I will not read it. I’m busy.

P-F22: Week 3 NCAA Bonus - Should the SEC just have a lower division and we all just play to get promoted/not relegated?

When will the SEC become the only college football brand? Do conferences (more or less) make football (more or less) better? In our current connected world with steaming television, social media, and pick’em leagues communicating over emails and blogs, I’d say conferences aren’t that important. When you combine the memories of the SWC and the Big 8, you saw we got a new conference that meant less to those members and nothing to almost anywhere else. And sometimes your parents make you play with the weird kid too, and he grows up with the confidence to murder, rape, and shiplap his people. What now? Texas and Oklahoma made the same decision a dozen schools did before them, but I’d argue neither of those schools cares much about the destination, as long as it isn’t another conference graveyard.  Whether you’ve convinced yourself yet or not, continuing the traditional conference model works against the natural order of solidarity and sporting merit. How about instead of political and regi

P-F22: The Essential Guide to Joining Pick’em Dash Football 2022

The last thing we all want is some confusing and rambling monologue to convince you to sign up for a pick’em game. I feel you, and I did some research before writing this year’s recruitment email. This will be your definitive guide to Pick’em Dash Football ‘22.  The internet is filled with advice on how to do stuff. Naturally while preparing for the start of this season, I turned to Google: “what is the best way to convince a large crowd to play your made-up game.” After combing through the 46M+ hits, most were results for icebreakers. But isn’t the best part about an online game is that we don’t *really* have to hang out. For some of you, the promise of fun all by yourself (and this powerful registration link ) is all the icebreaker you need. Stay frosty, you guys.   (Can we still say “you guys” in 2022? Is there a better gender-less term? I’m open to ideas, but I think we can all agree “you guys” feels too good to be wrong.)  "'Tis better to have picked and lost than never t

P-F21: Week 10 NFL Bonus - Baseball is over, now what?

Losing baseball season isn’t like losing football, but it can still be a difficult event for some. While we are deprived of baseball season’s physical presence, we can still reconcile -- you know what, we’ll figure it out. Below are some ways you are honoring the memory or just moving right along. Sleep Astros! (AP): “Go to sleep on time during the week!” (3)  -- apparently you aren’t into MACtion Beelzebubbles (CC): “Now I can get some decent sleep during the work week” (3) More time for football 18 National Championships (CG): “Plenty of football and golf” (2) Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK): “MACtion!” (4) -- yes! Holiday, celebrate! Masks [ON]/OFF (RH): “Fried turkey, gravy and pie, oh my!!” (5) -- love this answer Swamp Dogs (DR): “Christmas!!! Put up that tree!” (3) Any (other) sport will do A Northmen (AN): “bout time to focus on the real sport, table tennis!!” (4) -- feels like a baseball slight T-Horns Fall (AM): “Water polo season is here” (4)  -- I'm on to you guys Hun

P-F21: Week 7 NFL Bonus: Best news of the year!

It’s a mad world. Let’s parse out some good. Everyone gets POSITIVE bonus scores! (One thing though. I forgot to add “in the NFL” to my bonus question, but maybe you guys behaved yourselves) A Northmen (AN): “Brittney's dad will no longer be her conservator! #freebritney” She went on with a bunch of crap about TSwift, but I’ll spare you. On Brit, of course, she should have the right the fk up her life. That’s great news! +4 T-Horns (AM): “Matt Jones developing earlier than expected.” Wait, are we talking about Mac Jones? +2? Astros! (AP): “OU/Texas coming to the SEC!” This is great news. See what happened is Texas got in OU’s head, then Texas “Trojan Horsed” their themselves in the SEC, where Texas will then ruin the SEC from the inside. +3 Buddy the Chimp (BC): “Bananas.” Buddy, you get bananas all the time. Dream bigger. +3 Cornholio's Bunghole (BO): “Just destroying America is not enough for Joe Biden, so he destroyed Afghanistan. I wonder what country will be ne

P-F21: Week 6 NCAA Bonus - Positivity Leaders

Many times you can’t control what happens to you, but you can always control your reaction to what’s happening. Everybody, even Alabama fans, deals with setbacks. How do wrap your head around a place like College Station? The answer is a positive attitude. I struggle with depression nearly every year in mid-October, but I’ve learned to look at the better side of these events. Someone on the internet may say a positive attitude will cure disease. If it can do that, then it can no doubt lead to better picks. This was your goal this week, and we practiced on the universally loved but historically disappointed Longhorns and Sooners. Are the Longhorns hurting inside? Secretly. The Sooners? If money can’t buy you love, then do you think wins can? It is hate week for Sooners and Longhorns. Since all the fans will be filled with hate, say something nice to one or both of the fan bases. Positive Leadership A Northmen (AN) – “Thank you for putting the horns down, it means you hate us m