P-F23: Bowl Challenge Scoreboard

It was Scenario #3 y'all... scroll down to see how we finished! It hurts to type these words, but congrats to -------------- "Pure Random" (CN).  

Most recently posted scoreboard:

And for those of you who like graphs:

1/1/24 3:37 PM Update:

Below are your scenarios for the P-F23 Bowl Challenge Playoffs Pick or whatever we'll end up calling this. The top 3 finishers will pick the CFP Final, with the 1st place having a point advantage on 2nd place and then the same for 3rd place.

Scenario 1: Alabama/Texas
1. Bevo XV (DW)
2. Beelzebubbles (CC)
3. 18 National Championships (CG)

Scenario 2: Alabama/Washington
1. Bevo XV (DW)
2. Pure Random (CN)
3. Astros! (AP)

Scenario 3: Michigan/Washington
1. Pure Random (CN)
2. Bevo XV (DW)
3. Astros! (AP)

Scenario 4: Michigan/Texas
1. Bevo XV (DW)
2. Pure Random (CN)
3. Astros! (AP)
12/20/23 11:24 PM Update:

Going into the last day of the bowl challenge card, Beelzebubbles (CC), Bevo XV (DW), and 18 National Championships (CG) are above the cut line. However, Liberty and Iowa could mess things up before Washington at the end of the night.

Good luck friends.

12/29/23 10:46 PM Update:

Unfortunately we had less edible mascots today.
Fortunately the internet has been gif-ething.

12/29/23 2:00 PM Update:

Thursday's slate of games gifted us a new leader, CG.

12/27/23 11:32 PM Update

Reminder that the top 3 after the 2 semifinal games will pick for the championship. Those 3 are currently CC, CP, and GF.

12/27/23 4:26 PM Update

It is time to pay attention to Chimp's Picks (CP).

12/27/23 12:58 AM Update

I had this photo of my dog sleeping in a twisted position, head facing backward, and looking like he was watching bowl games. I was going to post here with the caption "keeping up with bowl season be like." However, if you don't know what a certain dog looks like, their twisted body doesn't make sense. Next, I took that prompt at put it in ChatGPT.

Here's what I got:

you might consider a scenario where someone is overwhelmed with multiple screens or charts, trying to track numerous games and statistics at once. This conveys the idea of being inundated with information and the challenge of keeping track of everything happening during a busy college bowl season. How about an image of someone surrounded by multiple screens showing different college football games, with a calendar filled with game schedules, and perhaps a humorous expression of bewilderment or concentration? This would visually represent the hectic nature of keeping up with the college bowl season.

If you've ever ChatGPT'd, it doesn't make sense to accept any first answer. I told it to make that a meme and it gave me this graphic. *chef's kiss*

Oh yeah, Beelzebubbles (CC) is now the sole point potential leader. 

I haven't been acknowledging Bearly Keeping it Together's (KH) lead, but statistically he's been out. If he reads this, he'll have something funny to say back, I'm sure of it.

12/26/23 5:44 PM Update

Hope everyone exited the weekend unscathed. RH and CC are in the drivers seat... currently.

12/23/23 12:04 AM Update

I didn't see the game, but my pick didn't win. We should start paying more attention to RH's picks.

12/21/23 10:59 PM Update

I guess we had our first team that decided they didn't want to be in their bowl game. 

12/21/23 1:22 AM Update

I forgot to update after the UTSA game. I could post like I didn't, but who would that be for?

12/19/23 1:19 PM Update

I forgot to mention, depending on your browser situation, it sometimes makes more sense to view the scorecard by right clicking and opening the image in a new tab. The enlarging works better for me that way.

Initial Scoreboard - 12/16/23 5:29 PM

Hey um, Gridiron Gang, hold onto your helmets, because the bowl season opened today with nothing short of a rollercoaster ride through Touchdown Town! First up, j/k that's not the tone here. Check out the scoreboard below and keep coming back for updates. I'll send email updates periodically too.

click to enlarge

Contest Announcement - 12/11/23 8:56 AM

Pick'em Pundits,

As the cosmic dance of football fate beckons, let's embark on a journey through the enchanted realms of Pick'em Dash Football. In the mystical land of spreadsheets and pixelated pigskins, our choices become the magical spells that weave the tapestry of our gridiron destiny.

Behold the sacred oracle, Microsoft Excel, our chariot through the realms of numbers and cells. Mastering its arcane powers is like wielding the Excalibur of decision-making, ensuring you ride the majestic wave of victory. Why, you ask? For within the hallowed halls of Pick’em Dash Football, we face the annual gauntlet – a test of wit and wisdom designed by the upper management wizards.

You've honed your skills with Google's magic scrolls, marking your best bets like a wizard discerning the most potent potions. Now, as we stand at the precipice of the NCAA Bowl Contest, your confidence is your wand. Remember, dear sorcerer, all bowl picks are straight up – a duel of champions, winner takes all.

Trust your gut, and with the ferocity of a dragon, place 41 points on the Miami Redhawks in the Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl. Then, repeat this arcane ritual 40 more times.

So, oh seekers of football fortune, prepare to dance under the moonlight of innovation. A new championship game rule shall be your guiding star, leading you through uncharted territories and unexplored strategies. Embrace the unknown, for within its mysterious folds lie the keys to unprecedented triumphs.

For the top three bowl pickers, they shall don their wizard robes once more and pick the championship game against the spread. Think medieval NASCAR-type playoff. Hold nothing in reserve and -- oh wielders of the magic wands -- more shall be revealed later.

The being that emerges with the most points shall be crowned the undisputed champion; no second-place sorcerers in this mystical arena. Be bold, be daring, let your confidence soar like a phoenix, slicing through the challenges with the precision of a ginsu knife.

P.S. Return this enchanted card before the hourglass empties on Saturday, 12/16, at 10:00 AM CT. Participation is the elixir of victory, and latecomers shall face penalties of the highest confidence points. Don't dally until Saturday morn – the wizards frown upon such tardiness!

P.P.S. Behold 'The Drill': Unleash your wizardry upon the attached card, in the sacred format of Excel. Select your team name from the mystical drop-down list, make your picks, and assign confidence numbers from 1 to 41. For the playoffs, do not hoard the bonus points. You cannot take them with you. Confirm the totals read '0' at the end – a final incantation of success. Email me your magical creation before the appointed hour on December 16th, 10:00 AM Central, at commish@pickem-football.com.


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