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The Official 2015 Pickem-Football Annual Recruitment Post

For those of you who have grown up playing Pick'em Dash Football, you already know how important is has been in shaping your healthy lifestyle. However, for those who have had a more sedated, non-picking lifestyle, it’s time to get up off the youtubes (for a minute) and sign up for happiness . I'm  not talking about just turning on the tube for that Wednesday night high scoring thriller. You need to invest in football by getting doing things with your keyboard, mouse, or wireless pocket phone. Playing sports teach you a number of things about life blah blah blah. Picking sports makes your life meaningful, happier, and almost probably healthier. Now  I'm  not so presumptuous to assume you will just sign up on a whim based on the first two paragraphs. That’s preposterous, absurd, unreasonable, and everything that is the opposite of well-balanced. I'm going to write more paragraphs, and then  you'll  certainly want to give this a try. Picking is an important exercise