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To: Longhorns, From: Aggieland

[updated with comments 11/30/09] In case you guys didn't get this in your inbox from your favorite agricultural friend or see it on the web boards in your daily scanning of, I present you with a little hate note written to the Longhorns. I don't know all the rules, but I'm assuming that my posting of this won't enter the territory of jinxes. I'll save my thoughts on this lovely letter till after the game. -G* Dear T-Sips- I hate you. I hate your athletic program. I hate your liberal, pinko institution of higher learning. I hate your city, which is a stain on the greatest state in the union. I hate your stupid ass tower. I hate your sense of entitlement. Nice. "I hate you. You are communist. You're city sucks." This letter is off to a good start, and when I say good, I mean integrity and credibility were lost in the first few sentences. I particularly like the comment about Austin being a stain on Texas. If by stain he meant greater in a way

Week 12 NFL Bonus Results

Question: I gave the scheduling geniuses over at the NFL headquarters a hard time for the Ravens/Browns matchup last week, but (while I'm more interested in this week's game) is there anything different about Titans/Texans? For the record, all of you missed (or failed to mention) that each of these games featured a relocated team playing the new franchise that took their place in the city they left. That being said, a few of you gave answers that warranted 4 or 5 points. ( 11/30/09 edit - I missed Rich's answer, and the funny thing is, he hit the nail right on the head. Well done. +5 ) Initials Points Your Team Name Answers KW 3 Dallas D-Bags Absolutely. IMO, Houston is still a little pissed about losing the Oilers. And now if the Texas Houstons can woop up on those Tennessee Oilers in H-Town it would be a most glorious event. Besides, I hate Vince Young. GO HOUSTONS!! CJ 3 Beelzebubbles I watched the Ravens/Browns game...I wont be watching this one DB 0 Fightin F

P-F09: Week 12 NCAA Bonus: Name Your Drink

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P-F09: Week 13 Cards

NCAA Week 13 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 13 Card: Official Form Printable Card

Inspiration: Taunting


P-F09: Week 12 NCAA Results

NCAA Scorecard

P-F09: Week 12 NFL Results

NFL Scorecard

P-F09: Week 11 NCAA Results

blog post last edited 11/19/09 1:33 PM NCAA Scoreboard Week 11 NCAA Wrap-up Point summaries for Week 11: Kirby's run to the top of both contests has been an historic one. I intend to let it play out a few more weeks before I order the jinx :) Weekly Winner(s): KH (2nd week in a row) (10) +3 points NCAA dubs (10+): KH (10) Bonus Question: "Case Keenum pass yards... 450... Over/Under?" Keenum threw for a measly 377 in a losing effort... winners KW, DW, CC, KS, GF, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, BD, RK, JC, JHo, DB +2 Paid: AN, GN, DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC +1

Titans vs. Texans - November 23, 2009

It's a tough week to be a football fan in Houston. Hometown hero VY is coming to town for a MNF game, but he brings along with him Bud Adams. Bud is a good guy The Texans finally have some swag (ugh, sorry) toughness and the talent to back it up. Check out this clip of Bernard Pollard RE: the Titans. But because of this... ... part of me wants this to happen. ps - If you didn't click on that Bernard Pollard audio clip above, you missed some good bleep.

P-F09: Week 12 Cards

NCAA Week 12 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 12 Card: Official Form Printable Card

Week 11 NFL Bonus Results

Initials Points Your Team Name Wow!! Ravens/Browns on Monday night!! Thoughts? BD 0 Bobs Bobcats <no answer> Jha 4 I Will Beat Bob and Gary I would rather clean up dirty diapers than watch that game. KW 3 Dallas D-Bags Wow, Monday night football really is the 'new' Sunday night football. DB 2 Fightin Farmers Ravens should win. CC 3 Novacain It's like someone took a nasty dump after eating a purple snow cone. I'd rather have to watch Al Davis for 3 hours than this game. DW 4 Bevo XIV I didn't even realize there was Monday Night Football anymore...not after they fired Dierdorf. Jho 3 Demons Gotta luv Ray Lewis no matter who he's playing on Monday Night! JN 4 Naked Bootleggers The browns fans are supposedly trying to stage a boycott of the opening kick-off so that there are a ton of empty seats being shown on national TV to get the attention of ownership. I guess they got tired of going to games with paper bags on their heads, now they aren't going to g

P-F09: Week 11 NFL Results

blog post updated 11/17/09 1:18 AM NFL Scoreboard Week 11 NFL Wrap-up Kirby's picks this week were inspired. He submitted the only double digit scorecard of the weekend in NCAA, but it was his NFL card that was the most remarkable. Dude picked 13 of 15 NFL games... that is 1 higher than his next Week 11 competitor... that is 7 more than the previous leader's score... that is enough to open up a 6 point lead in the contest!! If Kirby's picks were a last second basketball shot, Kirby would still have his hand in the air... if Kirby's picks were a goal in soccer, they would be doing the airplane right now... if Kirby's picks were a touchdown, they'd be doing something obscene to the goalpost right now. Kirby's picks were straight up gangsta. If Kirby's picks were in a gang, they would have at least 2 teardrop tattoos after this week. Point summaries for Week 11: Kirby is picking 74% straight up... pretty pretty good. Weekly Winner(s): KH (3rd straight week

P-F09: Week 11 Cards

NCAA Week 11 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 11 Card: Official Form Printable Card

P-F09: Week 10 NFL Results

blog post updated 11/10/09 10:38 AM NFL Scoreboard Week 10 NFL Wrap-up Point summaries for Week 10: Kirby isn't intimidated by Cain. His double digit performance this week (10 of 13) brings him within 1 pt of the top spot. Weekly Winner(s): KH (2nd straight week), JHo (10) +3 points NFL dubs (12+): No one (3rd straight week) +3 points Bonus Question: "Screw who you think will win straight up, will the Colts cover the 9.5 against the Texans?" The Colts didn't cover... winners DW, KH, KS, KZ, RH, A-C, RK, JC +2 Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC +1 Other Stuff VY is 2-0 as a starter this year. What has changed on this team besides the starting QB? (signed - Vince Young has healing powers) Speaking of winning QB's, Romo is getting the job done this year. The game got Al Michaels all phlegm-y I don't know what everyone's opinion is on Chad Ochocinco's skylarkings, but I enjoy it... the latest bribing of the refs was entertaining,

P-F09: Week 10 NCAA Results

Blog post updated 11/10/09 9:35AM NCAA Scoreboard It was once said by a person I won't name, This week, please, there is not a good game. Hopefully you tuned in... otherwise you missed... Colt and his roommate Shipley break records... the Aggies blowing their game by allowing a late TD and muffing a punt to kill any late JJ heroics... the big Neb/OU rivalry game play to a 10-3 Husker win (SEC fans should have enjoyed that one)... Iowa overcame their early game issues and opened with a 10-0 lead... then lost! Speaking of the Big 10, did anyone catch that Wisconsin/Indiana game? Neither did I, but I saw that Michigan lost to Purdue. See ya Rich Rod... tOSU knocked off the fighting Paternos to reclaim control of the race to the Rose Bowl... Kansas (5-4) gave up the keys to the car going to the Big 12 championship game to Kansas State (6-4) in their rivalry game. It must be nice to suck that bad and still have a shot at a championship and BCS game... Even Baylor got a win over a Big 12

P-F09: Week 10 Stuff

Wait, it's Wednesday night. Where the bleep are the cards? Where the bleep is the Week 9 wrap-up?!? NCAA Week 10 Card: Official Form Printable Card NFL Week 10 Card: Official Form Printable Card Week 9 NCAA Wrap-up Sure, some of this is just a formality this late in the week, but before we dive into Week 10, how 'bout some Week 9. Point summaries for Week 9: Jess does just enough (8) to not lose the top spot. He's probably ticked I haven't been highlighting his 15 minutes, but his teamname speaks for itself... and I hope they've noticed. Dave's dub and lack of a below average performance since Week 3 has pushed him into a tie for first. On the other end of the spectrum, Gary scored a respectable 9 and is still dead last... 15 points behind the leaders. Ouch... I guess that is what to 4 point and two 6 point weeks can do to you. Reigning champ Cain has been silent, possibly worried that he could lose to Gary this year. Weekly Winner(s): BD (11) +3 points NCAA du

P-F09: Week 9 NFL Results

updated 11/2/09 11:44PM Blog reader's note: Wrap up may not happen until later Tuesday night. NFL SCOREBOARD