P-F09: Week 10 NCAA Results

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NCAA Scoreboard

It was once said by a person I won't name,
This week, please, there is not a good game.

Hopefully you tuned in... otherwise you missed...
Colt and his roommate Shipley break records... the Aggies blowing their game by allowing a late TD and muffing a punt to kill any late JJ heroics... the big Neb/OU rivalry game play to a 10-3 Husker win (SEC fans should have enjoyed that one)... Iowa overcame their early game issues and opened with a 10-0 lead... then lost! Speaking of the Big 10, did anyone catch that Wisconsin/Indiana game? Neither did I, but I saw that Michigan lost to Purdue. See ya Rich Rod... tOSU knocked off the fighting Paternos to reclaim control of the race to the Rose Bowl... Kansas (5-4) gave up the keys to the car going to the Big 12 championship game to Kansas State (6-4) in their rivalry game. It must be nice to suck that bad and still have a shot at a championship and BCS game... Even Baylor got a win over a Big 12 North team this week... Navy/Notre Dame... snoozer right? Not so fast my friend. Navy won 23-21 for their 2nd straight win over the Irish in South Bend, something the Midshipmen have not achieved since 1963... Oregon had an outside shot at the National Championship game after their victory over USC, but they forgot that Stanford thrives in the spoiler role... catch that LSU/'Bama game? Maybe neither team was that impressive, but I'd say it was a pretty good game... and if you don't pay enough to get whatever channel the Houston game was on, you missed another classic (what's the count of instant classics for UH this year, 3 now?)... with 3:28 left and 8 points down, UH scored, missed the 2-pt conversion, recovered an onside kick (0:21 left), drove part of the field, and nailed a 51 yrd field goal to win 46-45 over Tulsa.

Thank you college football... you are the best.

"Todd Graham, stick it in your pipe and smoke it, baby!" <-- awesome

Week 10 NCAA Wrap-up
Cain was 0-11 going into the last 4 games of Saturday... then he took his foot off the pedal.

Point summaries for Week 10:
Jess' run at the top was a good one, but a 5 doesn't get it done in Week 10. Since a 5 in Week 3, Dave has been quietly climbing until his screaming slam dunk this Week 10. 9 points was 3 points over the league average this week and more than enough to propel Dave to the top spot. Kyle forgot to turn in his card, something that proved to be quite costly, but not a total death blow. He can thank Jay for that 3.

Weekly Winner(s): DW, KH (9) +3 points
NCAA dubs (10+): none
Bonus Question: "No seriously -- screw the spread -- who is going to win the LSU/'Bama game?" In case you didn't hear, 'Bama won... winners GN, DW, KH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, RK, DB +2
Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC +1

Other Stuff

I like everything about this run by Jahvid Best except the landing... nasty (but just try not watching it over and over).

If Kirby was a college football producer...

(a whoops-the-producer-mic-is-on f* bomb @ 0:38)

"Will Muschamp has a fast-twitch brian muscles..........he's a smart guy."- Gary Reasons

SEC refs suck... and so does Urban Meyer.

From The Wiz of Odds
Ignore the fact that Tim Tebow should not be in the game with Florida leading Vanderbilt, 27-3, with 5:57 remaining in the fourth quarter, or that the Gators have no business throwing the ball in a classless attempt to run up the score.Let's focus on this play, a 64-yard pass from Tebow to tight end Aaron Hernandez. Watch as Florida receiver Frankie Hammond gets away with a block in the back on Vanderbilt defensive back Eddie Foster. A few steps later, Hernandez grabs the facemask of Commodore safety Sean Richardson and there is no flag.


NCAA Scoreboard


  1. I feel like Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder. I'm not moving any faster, everyone else is slowing down. It's hard to check the Vandy, Colorado, and Navy "box" sometimes, but you gotta have faith.

    That UH finish was as fantastic as I've ever seen. Got home from Austin just in time to find CBS-CS (which I didn't even know I got until last week) to watch it all unfold. Most of the fools in America were watching the Nebraska/OU ugg-fest.


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