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Week 12 NFL Bonus Results

Question: I gave the scheduling geniuses over at the NFL headquarters a hard time for the Ravens/Browns matchup last week, but (while I'm more interested in this week's game) is there anything different about Titans/Texans?

For the record, all of you missed (or failed to mention) that each of these games featured a relocated team playing the new franchise that took their place in the city they left. That being said, a few of you gave answers that warranted 4 or 5 points. (11/30/09 edit - I missed Rich's answer, and the funny thing is, he hit the nail right on the head. Well done. +5)



Your Team Name




Dallas D-Bags

Absolutely. IMO, Houston is still a little pissed about losing the Oilers. And now if the Texas Houstons can woop up on those Tennessee Oilers in H-Town it would be a most glorious event. Besides, I hate Vince Young. GO HOUSTONS!!




I watched the Ravens/Browns game...I wont be watching this one



Fightin Farmers

[no answer]




Vince Young starts beats the crap out of the Texans!!!!



I Will Beat Bob and Gary

More losers playing on Monday night instead of Saturday.



Bobs Bobcats

Yes, Bud Adams is $250,000 lighter this week. He should have used that to buy some new clothes.




Chris Johnson has entered "watch this guy, he can go off at any time" mode. Vince Young has gotten a new lease on his career and has led the Titans to 3 straight victories. There's nothing notable about the Texans, but those two points alone elevate this game above last week's.



Six Six in Shoes

At least Tennessee isn't in the celler



Los Tigeres

None whatsoever! Only makes a difference to me, because I kinda like both teams.



Bevo XIV

Seriously, is MNF still on? Next thing you're going to tell me is that Jimmy the Greek (RIP) and Phyllis George (former Miss Texas/America) still appear on the "NFL Today"? I thought that show got canceled when Cop Rock was still on TV? I mean I tune into ABC every Monday and it's nothing but crap.



The MotherLoad

HELLO....What's different????!!! My Man-Love for Vince Young. SAAAAWWEEEETTTTTTT!!!! Playing the Texans guarenteeesssss I get to see it on TV no matter what night of the week it is. Besides I think there is some sort of rivalry thingy, but I digress. VINCE YOUNG 4-ever! Man-Love...what what...Man-Love...what what! Can't wait!



Naked Bootleggers

You can watch Vince Young.




I apologize for hating last week's game while simultaneously looking forward to this week's game. I see the err in my ways now, and this bonus question is my admission of guilt.



Amy/Carrie's Team

The Browns/Ravens didn't have the totally over-played "you're an idiot if you don't know who's better yet" Mario Williams vs. Vince Young debate.




Yes, this time the underdog has a chance and is a real NFL team. Cleveland belongs in the CFL.



Suck It #15

yes, old h-town vs. new h-town plus vince young.



12 Nat'l Championships

Vinny will punk Houston for his 4th in a row.



Mr. Smokey Pants

Not if you go by the number of letters in each team's name.




Both the Titans and Texans were assumed to be playoff contenders entering the season. That is as much as can be asked for in week 11 without a flex schedule. No one, including the whole dog pound AND Grandma Mangini, thought Cleveland was a contender for a playoff berth this year. The 'new Browns vs. old Browns' story is stale and should not cause one of their two matchups every year to automatically qualify as a national audience game. Now that I think a little more on it, tonight is the 'new Oilers vs. old Oilers'. Must be part of the 50th anniversary of the AFL celebration the NFL has been pushing all year.



Justin's Team

Lots of story lines...
VY returns home.
Oilers return home.
Texans in the playoff hunt.
VY on the upswing.

No comparison with last week.


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