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P-F15: Week 13 NCAA Bonus - Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

One thing I find interesting about Thanksgiving is the disproportionate amount of time spent on all foods that aren't bird. I enjoy a good bird, but aside from a turkey leg at the fair, I've never eaten one by itself. FiveThirtyEight, ESPN's data driven nerd blog, crunched poll data recently to show the regionality of Thanksgiving side dish preferences. As we do every year, we are having a virtual feast with all your favorite side dishes. And also in line with tradition, I'll be scoring your choices. Dressing Your Holiday: Our most common answer was dressing, and it is absolutely one of my favs. +4 to Swamp Dawgs (DR) and SayMyName (RB) for having good taste. Home Team Confusers (KW) added "because it has everything in it," so I want to see your dressing +4 . 15 National Championships' (CG) preferred variety is crawfish. I'm down with that +4 . Pee Wee Sperman (AL) said "oyster dressing," which I've never had and really want