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P-F11: Don't Be Sad Because It's Over, Be Sad Because Things Are Sad

If you woke up in Monday morning at the bottom of the abyss, that was probably because you drank too much at your Super Bowl Party and then inadvertently took some Benadryl. And football is over. I’m sad. Like, there is no ying to my yang. No ting in my tang tang. When I see Tebow news, it’s only about him getting to second base with some lady (Tebow 2nd base = Tebowing together) and I don’t have any improbable OT win to juxtapose that ridiculous stuff with. But you want to know something real? There isn’t a damn thing we can do about all the off-season Tebow talk. Believe that. We earned the right to enjoy football season, but like all things, they aren’t ours to own. Football season is temporary – just like life. Football is ethereal blah blah blah. Football season belongs to us, and it will come back to us. Have you ever lost something you really loved, like a dog. Or maybe you got a hole in your favorite jeans? Those things come back. At a store somewhere is a replacement. Fo


Dear Everyone, It's been real. See ya next year. ps- BlitzKrieg won. Congrats.