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P-F17: Week 8 NFL Bonus - Which Team is the Most Patriotic?

With Washington playing Philly on Monday Night Football last week, and after all the sit/stand/kneel/fist drama, last week's bonus question just came to me. Who is the most patriotic team? For whom would our country's founders be fanatics today, with their superlative declarations written in cursive on parchment in the bleachers? According to the dictionary, patriotic means expressing one's kindness in a way that appears superior to the subject. Oh wait, or is that patronising. Whatever. You guys -- like really answered the bonus question. All the answers were great because they ranged from just naming a team without explanation to some science and history. Everyone who answered gets points, and the main benefit of the bonus question is that we all win because we get to read the answers. I'll start with what may have been the obvious choice (or was it?). The " Patriots ". It's in the name, so they must be patriotic. However, two of you wrote &qu

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P-F17 Week 8 Card and Scoreboard Link

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P-F17: Week 6 NCAA Bonus - Let's Bounce Back Y'all

I had an idea, and it was good. I was reaching to save myself from XM’s pop station. I was really reaching to save myself from that song about the body and the back-roads. I dislike country music for a variety of reasons. I don’t enjoy the forced accents or songs about dirt and mundane details of life. Hearing dudes in fake deep accented voices saying the word “baby”.... yughhk. I’m not saying there isn't any good country music. I'm not a millennial. I still buy music from time to time, and I have a little country. But what I’m not going to do is actively put in the work to try to discover good country. I can't stomach suffering through the dumb stuff. Is the genre still relevant? Well that’s something googlable. Turns out, the late 90’s and early 00’s were peak country, y'all. I don't really remember that. During that time period, the genre owned more of the Billboard charts than either Hip-Hop or Pop. But today? Pop is king. Metal is dead. Hip-hop is as stro

P-F17 Week 6 Card and Scoreboard Link

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