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The First Week of the Football Season is Here...

...and back is our good friend Gary. In case you are searching through the scorecards and can't find him, Six Six in Shoes is now Kentucky Snowpenis Snowman. Legengary.

The Most Insanely Complete College Football Preview Guide Anyone has Ever Given Away for Free

The Professor John Harris, of 1560 The Game in Houston, may be insane. At the very least he is fanatical about football. For his football savantism, or whatever you decide to call it after checking out his 2010 College Football Preview , all one hundred and fifty-three pages of it , I am thankful. I'm not sure there is anything else of this quality out there available for free. Enjoy.

Tebow-mania Isn't Going Away, I Guess

He was hazed and given a new haircut. Honestly, I could care less. I just care about what he had for breakfast and if he likes ketchup. You know, normal stuff. What is wrong with you people!?

The Official 2010 Pick'em Dash Football Annual Recruitment Post

(don't be shy... send this post to your friends and people that you just met on the rail)   Dear Football Picking Peoples, I don't know if you heard from ESPN or my good friend Gary, but football season is right around the corner. I'm dusting off the Pick'em Dash Football machine for another year of the most bestest football picking game on the Internets. Guaranteed or my money back. If there is one thing I've learned about human nature in my thirty-four years on this polluted Earth, it is that people LOVE change. If you played in the past, I promise that I'll surprise you with some change. If you haven't played before, holy bleep, I will make sure you get yourself some change... mid-season or something. I'm all about the change. Last year was the 10th season of this Pick'em contest. I can't remember the Y2K/millennium rules, but I think this August will mark the 10 year anniversary. Is that a diamond anniversary? Silver? Alumin