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P-F22: The Essential Guide to Joining Pick’em Dash Football 2022

The last thing we all want is some confusing and rambling monologue to convince you to sign up for a pick’em game. I feel you, and I did some research before writing this year’s recruitment email. This will be your definitive guide to Pick’em Dash Football ‘22.  The internet is filled with advice on how to do stuff. Naturally while preparing for the start of this season, I turned to Google: “what is the best way to convince a large crowd to play your made-up game.” After combing through the 46M+ hits, most were results for icebreakers. But isn’t the best part about an online game is that we don’t *really* have to hang out. For some of you, the promise of fun all by yourself (and this powerful registration link ) is all the icebreaker you need. Stay frosty, you guys.   (Can we still say “you guys” in 2022? Is there a better gender-less term? I’m open to ideas, but I think we can all agree “you guys” feels too good to be wrong.)  "'Tis better to have picked and lost than never t