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P-F23: Choosing Wisely - Finding Pathways You Actually Already Know About Because You Are Reading This

This is a football pick’em contest. I know that, and you probably know that, but what if it was way more? Go straight to the registration page if you are more about picking winners than almost certainly probably changing your friggin life. Here is Your Four-Part Plan to The Best Outcomes in Life When digging up the courage to write this inspirational recruitment piece, I did what any of us would do given such an overwhelming task: I asked a chatbot. However instead of a four-part solution to making the best choices, she took me through an adventure down a well cleared path in a dense and mysterious forest. Almost immediately after embarking -- like after the first few trees on the edge of this dense forest -- a fork appeared. And just as it is always written, one path was well-trodden, bathed in warm sunlight, and adorned with vibrant flowers. The other path was -- and remember folks, I’m only a step inside the woods, and like, maybe just through some brush -- the other path was shrou