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P-F22: Week 3 NCAA Bonus - Should the SEC just have a lower division and we all just play to get promoted/not relegated?

When will the SEC become the only college football brand? Do conferences (more or less) make football (more or less) better? In our current connected world with steaming television, social media, and pick’em leagues communicating over emails and blogs, I’d say conferences aren’t that important. When you combine the memories of the SWC and the Big 8, you saw we got a new conference that meant less to those members and nothing to almost anywhere else. And sometimes your parents make you play with the weird kid too, and he grows up with the confidence to murder, rape, and shiplap his people. What now? Texas and Oklahoma made the same decision a dozen schools did before them, but I’d argue neither of those schools cares much about the destination, as long as it isn’t another conference graveyard.  Whether you’ve convinced yourself yet or not, continuing the traditional conference model works against the natural order of solidarity and sporting merit. How about instead of political and regi