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P-F22: Week 3 NCAA Bonus - Should the SEC just have a lower division and we all just play to get promoted/not relegated?

When will the SEC become the only college football brand? Do conferences (more or less) make football (more or less) better? In our current connected world with steaming television, social media, and pick’em leagues communicating over emails and blogs, I’d say conferences aren’t that important. When you combine the memories of the SWC and the Big 8, you saw we got a new conference that meant less to those members and nothing to almost anywhere else. And sometimes your parents make you play with the weird kid too, and he grows up with the confidence to murder, rape, and shiplap his people. What now? Texas and Oklahoma made the same decision a dozen schools did before them, but I’d argue neither of those schools cares much about the destination, as long as it isn’t another conference graveyard. 

Whether you’ve convinced yourself yet or not, continuing the traditional conference model works against the natural order of solidarity and sporting merit. How about instead of political and regional directives we just let the SEC start as our premier college football league and then we all just play to get promoted, while the SEC’s existing teams play to not get relegated into any number of lower groupings with Big or Power or ‘Merican in their names? 

Most of you agreed. Let’s hear from the unwashed first. 


Cornholio’s Bunghole (BO) & accidentchild (MN): No. -- keep reading +1

Swamp Dogs (DR): No, it just means more.... SEC! SEC! SEC! --As the new SEC gets more AAU schools, the chants likely reduce. +3

Six Six in Shoes (GF): Hasn't it always been that way? -- No it hasn’t. How do you explain Arkansas, Mizzou, and TAMU’s memberships? +2

Sixteen & One (ON): I don't know enough about this to make a good answer but I’m gonna say no. -- Stay tuned for the good answers 😉, but first the most complicated one. +2


In BK We Trust (RH): With NIL, this is already here, but in its infancy. Probably manifest itself in 2-3 more years (all P5 Conferences). Super conferences will be a de facto minor league for the NFL and then there will be everyone else (lower divisions) vying for a spot in one of said Super Conferences. +4


A Northmen (AN): Real "Football" rules, it's diabolical....I LOVE IT...For it! -- as long as you don’t read that with “air quotes voice,” I love it too. +3

Astros! (AP): That's actually a great idea! Maybe Ryan Reynolds will buy the Aggies so they can finally get promoted and stay there 😅 – welcome to Wrexingcrewha&m (+5 for me, am I right!?) +4

Beelzebubbles (CC): Live Sec.2? Instead of east and west Yes! -- let’s stop being geographic-phobes. Let’s release all biases and just group ourselves by good, rising talents, bad, and ew. +3

Bite a Kneecap Offs (RK): Yes -- promotion to the Sun Belt, relegation to the Big Ten West Division. --Sick burns. No notes. +4

18 National Championships (CG): Lasso style! I like it. I think we need to shuffle the deck each season. -- It should be easy to get Alabama fans on board with a merit-based system. +3

Bevo XV (DW): Yes!!!! Except based upon revenue. -- It should be easy to get Texas fans on board with a revenue-based system. +3

Left Hand Scissors (GN): Gives App St the opportunity to supplant tamu -- It could happen, y’all. +3

Bourbon Barristers (KH): Yes, but NO, Vandy!!! --If Vandy falls far enough, the traditional SEC teams will all schedule them! (that’s an FCS/SEC scheduling joke, you guys) +3 

Huntwick Hosers (KW): Sure, why not? Let’s continue the separation of the haves and have-nots. The way my dear ol’ Ags are playing, we’ll only get promoted once every 10 years. I hate being an Aggie fan most times, it’s depressing. Anyone wanna do anything fun this Saturday? Like go fishing? Golf? Anyone? -- Aww, c’mon little brother. Just think of it this way. If there is some sort of “promotion” trophy, then the aggies can finally put something in the case. +4 for the self-deprecation (even if it did come between App St and Miami) 

OG Donkeys (KS): Best idea I’ve heard in a while. It is the Premier league in CFB (see what I did there) -- KS knows how to play the bonus point game (and I’m on to him). Just wait until I alter my superficial scoring criteria! +3... only because you'll get plenty of bonus points this year


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