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P-F13: Week 10 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 10 Form   NCAA - Week 10 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 10 Form NFL - Week 10 Printable Card

P-F13: Week 9 Recap

Tech and Missouri drop from the ranks of the undefeated. Heartbreaking. But seriously, how about that LSU/Furman game? The Northmen (ANo) filed a perfect NFL card this week -- a truly rare feat. I googled my email and found that our last perfect card was, like, a whole year ago (10/22/12, One Man Wolfpack (MF), NFL Week 8). Before that Monday Night game, I apparently did some P-F history research and wrote the following: Speaking of correct picks, a perfect card is nearly impossible. One of you old-timers can correct me if I'm wrong, but I only remember it happening twice ever. The most impressive of the two was Northmen's (ANo) perfect weekend, where she correctly picked 15 NCAA games and a full slate of NFL games (16). Mr. Smokeypants almost lived out a little league version of this feat this week. Smokeypants capitalized on an abbreviated card (I accidentally left off one game) during the bye-week part of the NFL schedule and had 11 of 11 picks correct g

P-F13: Design Your Own State Fair of Texas Food (Week 7 NCAA Bonus)

Even though the 2013 iteration of the Texas State Fair came to an end on October 20th, we here at Pickem Dash Football didn't want to miss the chance to review our favorite new food booths. DEEP FRIED STUFF Most of you kept with the grand tradition of state fairs and deep fried foods. BOOTH #22 - The Northmen (ANo): Deep Fried Macaroons. I googled deep fried macaroons , and what do you know, several people have tried doing this. For any of our Houston pickers who are interested in a good macaroon, check out the honey and goat cheese macaroon at Central Market or just about anything at Petite Sweets on Alabama near Kirby. Their bacon jam pancake mini cupcakes are fantastic as well. +3 BOOTH #A6 - Mrs. Carter's Moves (A-C): Fried pork dumpling ... on a stick. And for those not talented at the chop stick, that is pretty much how they would be eaten. I wish Booth #2 had a sauce with these, but I'll eat a dumpling any day. +3 (and now I'm really craving pork dumpl

P-F13: Week 9 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 9 Form   NCAA - Week 9 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 9 Form NFL - Week 9 Printable Card

P-F13 Week 8 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 8 Form   NCAA - Week 8 Printable Card   NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 8 Form NFL - Week 8 Printable Card

P-F13 Week 7: Monday Mourning, Afternoon Delight

Did your weekend pass too quickly? Let me catch you up. Mizzou is undefeated. The SEC wanted Big XII teams, and the SEC got Big XII teams. Or was Georgia just overrated? You guys can figure that out. I just want to post this picture. Message to fans: Don't make faces that gif'able when you are at a game that is being televised. Message to sports television producers: If you show the poor lady when she was sad about losing, you MUST go back and show her again when she is happy about winning. How awesome would that aggie comedy/tragedy poster be? And speaking of tragedies, 1st place The Paperboys' (KW) priorities were to murder animals from a distance and not to use his wireless pocket phone to make picks. But seriously, may your shots be straighter than your priorities, and I hope some tasty summer sausage comes from this. How accurate were you this week with your NCAA picks? Better than Michigan and Penn State kicking field goals? Week 7 NCAA Links:

P-F13 Week 7 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 7 Form NCAA - Week 7 Printable Card   NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 7 Form NFL - Week 7 Printable Card

P-F13: Mini Horses vs Irish Fellows (Week 5 NCAA Bonus)

I think everyone knows who would take this thing, but let's see what you guys said. Obviously miniature horses would win because of their low center of gravity and scary pig faces The horse, of course: Mad Bomber (KZ), Gig'em! (AP) +1 The horse, because the Irish are drunks: 15 National Championships (CG), Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR) +1 Haven't you seen the cartoons where the horse launches the people into oblivion with their hind legs? Short Irish fellows are people too, albeit little people. -Dirt Burglars (DT) +3, Solid argument Is the miniature horse pulling a stupid Conestoga wagon? Because that might change everything if he goes all Oregon Trail on the wee Irish lad. I think I would go all in on the horse though because the Irish contingent would probably be all into the Guinness allowing the horse to knock him the fk out. -Barrel Aged Donkey (KS) +4, I died one time on the Oregon Trail after the Conestoga wagon went all up on me and my band of wee

P-F13 Week 6 Cards

NCAA Pick'em NCAA - Week 6 Form NCAA - Week 6 Printable Card NFL Pick'em NFL - Week 6 Form NFL - Week 6 Printable Card