P-F13: Week 9 Recap

Tech and Missouri drop from the ranks of the undefeated. Heartbreaking. But seriously, how about that LSU/Furman game?
The Northmen (ANo) filed a perfect NFL card this week -- a truly rare feat. I googled my email and found that our last perfect card was, like, a whole year ago (10/22/12, One Man Wolfpack (MF), NFL Week 8). Before that Monday Night game, I apparently did some P-F history research and wrote the following:

Speaking of correct picks, a perfect card is nearly impossible. One of you old-timers can correct me if I'm wrong, but I only remember it happening twice ever. The most impressive of the two was Northmen's (ANo) perfect weekend, where she correctly picked 15 NCAA games and a full slate of NFL games (16). Mr. Smokeypants almost lived out a little league version of this feat this week. Smokeypants capitalized on an abbreviated card (I accidentally left off one game) during the bye-week part of the NFL schedule and had 11 of 11 picks correct going into the HUGE Ravens-Jags game. Unfortunately he got Flacco'ed.

Pick'em recorded history isn't without its holes, but I could only find 2 NCAA perfect cards and 2 NFL perfect cards. A Northmen's (ANo) perfect weekend was insane and will probably never be matched. She also has the other recorded perfect NCAA card. The 2nd perfect NFL card was by someone not in the league anymore.
We have had 6 perfect cards in the 14 year history of the league, 2 NCAA and 4 NFL. Northmen have 4 of those 6, including the only two ever in NCAA against the spread. That is Hall of Fame bleep right there.
Enough about history, how about the P-F13 NCAA Contest.
Week 9 NCAA
NCAA Contest Leaderboard
Top 5

81 Gig'em! (AP)
80 Double D (DD)
77 Naked Bootleggers (JN)
77 Cactie (DCo)
76 Inconsistent Losers (ANe)
And the P-F13 NFL Contest.
Week 9 NFL
NFL Contest Leaderboard
Top 5

83 Yazoo Meat Muffins (KP)
82 Pimp Possee (JB)
82 The Velvet Neutral Ground (JC)
81 Mississippi Mudpuppies (DR)
79 Mad Bomber (KZ)
Finally, just in case you aren't checking all hours of the day for updates to the website, you may want to go check out the Texas State Fair food post. You guys were great again.


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