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2010 NFL Playoff Contest - Official Open Post

SUPER BIG GAME PICK UPDATE: (via PricewaterhouseCoopers Longhorn Dave) Summary: Dickey: 988 wagered on Pittsburgh (+2.5) Schneider: 844 wagered on Pittsburgh (+2.5) GNorris: 780 wagered on Pittsburgh (+2.5) MNorris: 0 wagered on Houston Texans Okay, kidding on the Texans part, but he said neither team, no points. So I guess it's Dickey and MNorris (with Final Jeopardy! crafty type wagering) Dave SUPER BIG GAME PICK UPDATE #2: If any of four other people with point totals higher than 311 would have wagered on the Pack, they would have won. BUT THEY DIDN'T!  Congrats Matt. Nice strategery. The road to the Death Star goes through........ Seattle. The first sub-.500 team to ever make the NFL playoffs. Nice one NFL. And here I thought the bowl system is stupid. I really like football though. I even like bad football. If it were up to me, screw adding two more regular season games... everyone makes the playoffs! But is it just me or is the NHL the smartest professio

2010 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Open Post (Post-New Year's Games)

LEAGUE NOTES: 1/1/11 1:43 PM update: This post is a continuation of the pre-Xmas Bowl Games and the pre-New Year's Games posts. Check those two out to follow how this thing has been playing out. 1/9/11 1:35 PM update: per DW's request, I've added all remaining winning scenarios at the bottom of this post. To each his own, but my advice for the 2011... You got to keep your hood pass in tact, y'all Cause you never know when you'll need to go back. -Damon Riddick The bowl card is a beast... click the picture and see if that does anything for you. Click to enlarge. Last updated 1/11/11 8:45 AM NEW YEAR'S NOON-ISH GAMES > Bowl Games 23-26 of 35 TicketCity Bowl - Dallas, TX - Cotton Bowl January 1, 2011 11:00 AM Northwestern 38, Texas Tech 45 Outback Bowl - Tampa, FL - Raymond James Stadium January 1, 2011 12:00 PM Florida 37, Penn State 24 Capital One Bowl - Orlando, FL - Florida Citrus Bowl January 1, 2011 12:00 PM #15 Alabama 49, #7 Michigan S

2010 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Open Post (Xmas to New Year's Eve Games)

LEAGUE NOTES: 12/27/10 12:32 AM update: This post is a continuation of the pre-Xmas Bowl Games post . 1/1/11 1:51 PM update: The remaining games of the bowl season can be found in the post-New Year's Games post . Come on man, until you dudes can write some rhymes Keep that in mind when you find yourself reciting mines. -Clifford Smith     The bowl card is a beast... click the picture to bring up a larger version. Click to enlarge. Last updated 1/1/11 1:11 PM > Bowl Game 8 of 35 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl - Detroit, MI - Ford Field December 26, 2010 7:30 PM FIU 34, Toledo 32 What I learned after this game... If you attended the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, you could not get a Little Caesars Pizza inside the stadium. Ford Field has a contract with a different pizza joint. Also, I was thinking, a "Pizza Bowl" sounds pretty good. Someone needs to get on that. What I drank during this game... Independence Brewing Company 's Stash IPA (Double IPA) and I

2010 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Open Post (Pre-Xmas Games)

LEAGUE NOTES: 12/20/10 6:03 PM Update: Let's get this started... game/points updates are coming soon. 12/27/10 12:32 PM Update: I started a new post for the the Xmas to New Years games, but that isn't an excuse for not knowing what happened in bowl games 1 through 7 of the 2010 bowl season. Friends... gather 'round. The college football bowl season is all up on us and everything. Time to die get crunk. The bowl card is a beast... click the picture to bring up a larger version. Click to enlarge. Last updated 12/25/10 7:26 AM. > Bowl Game 1 of 35 New Mexico Bowl - Albuquerque, NM -  University Stadium December 18, 2010 1:00 PM BYU 52, UTEP 24 What I learned after this game... 5 people didn't turn in their cards. To the other 20, our odds of winning just got better. What I drank during this game... I was on the road to historic Marshall, TX during this game. When on the road, my drink of choice is a Code Red Mountain Dew. What I just learned while t

P-F10: Week 18 Bonus: What Went Wrong?

Football season's highs and lows AND/OR fantasy football highs and lows AND/OR life's highs and lows... Northmen (ANo) : I think the real question is....What didn't go wrong? The answer... at least the retractable roof still works! Poor Texans!! What else didn't go wrong you might ask?? The Cowboy's record! SWEET! I think Schadenfreude is one of the best medicines for depression... and alcohol... but I'm not a doctor. +4 Ferments-A-Lot (GN) : My decisions were swift and sound. However, I was given bad advice. Not taking blame is the American way. +4 Bevo XIV (DW) : I was turning left into BRC from the middle lane and the guy T-boned me. I agree. That is how it happened. -witness +4 Novacain (CCa) : Didn't watch enough football from Germany this year. It turns out that this makes a difference. The oooooollllllllllld German excuse. Nice one. +4 The Nine-Five (A-C) : My dad burned the pancakes. Bummer, unless "burning the pancakes"

Pick'em Dash Football All Time League Scores (1/3/11)

Updated all-time score chart for the Pick'em NCAA and NFL contests. click to enlarge

P-F10: Week 18 NFL Results

text updated 1/2/11 12:02 PM Games today with NFL Playoff implications: 9 Games today with NFL Pick'em implications: 0 WEEK 18 NFL SCOREBOARD There is always pride. .