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2010 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Open Post (Pre-Xmas Games)


12/20/10 6:03 PM Update: Let's get this started... game/points updates are coming soon.
12/27/10 12:32 PM Update: I started a new post for the the Xmas to New Years games, but that isn't an excuse for not knowing what happened in bowl games 1 through 7 of the 2010 bowl season.

Friends... gather 'round. The college football bowl season is all up on us and everything. Time to die get crunk.

The bowl card is a beast... click the picture to bring up a larger version.

Click to enlarge. Last updated 12/25/10 7:26 AM.

> Bowl Game 1 of 35
New Mexico Bowl - Albuquerque, NM -  University Stadium
December 18, 2010 1:00 PM
BYU 52, UTEP 24

What I learned after this game... 5 people didn't turn in their cards. To the other 20, our odds of winning just got better.

What I drank during this game... I was on the road to historic Marshall, TX during this game. When on the road, my drink of choice is a Code Red Mountain Dew.

What I just learned while typing the sentence above... Marshall, Texas' website is crazy wicked awesome.

What the Bowl Challenge points look like after this game... Novacain (CCa) and The Nine-Five (A-C) were pertty freaking confident (34 points) that 6-6 BYU was going to sneak up on UTEP, who were probably too busy getting hand jobs or something.

> Bowl Game 2 of 35
Humanitarian Bowl - Boise, ID - Bronco Stadium
December 18, 2010 5:30 PM
No. Illinois 40, Fresno State 17

What I learned after this game... This was Fresno State's 2nd loss on the blue turf this year. They were outscored on it 91-17 in 2010.

What I drank during this game... After making it to Marshall, I went to church. I passed on the wine.

What the Bowl Challenge points look like after this game... BAM! With 42 points, the leader is me. My team name is Ferments-A-Lot. My game initials are GN. Let's end this here.

> Bowl Game 3 of 35
New Orleans Bowl - New Orleans, LA - Superdome
December 18, 2010 8:00 PM
Ohio 21, Troy 48

What I learned after this game... tells me that the Ohio Bobcats have never won a bowl game. If you are going to lose however, New Orleans isn't a bad place to do it.

What I drank during this game... I took a picture.

What the Bowl Challenge points look like after this game... Ferments-A-Lot (GN), 58. WhooDat4Life (Lo), still holds a statistical lead if he gets all the rest of his picks correct.

> Bowl Game 4 of 35
Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl - St. Petersburg, FL - Tropicana Field
December 21, 2010 8:00 PM
Southern Miss 28, Louisville 31

What I learned after this game... Apparently Brett Favre played for So. Miss? Did you guys know that Brett Favre played for Southern Mississippi??

What I drank during this game... Stranahans. A lot. I took a picture. That bottle was full when the night started. I wish I could say I had company over.

What the Bowl Challenge points look like after this game... BlitzKrieg (RK) takes the lead with 76. 13 National Championships (CG) holds the statistical lead, which means he would win if he got all the rest of his picks correct.

> Bowl Game 5 of 35
MAACO Bowl - Las Vegas, NV - Sam Boyd Stadium
December 22, 2010 7:00 PM
#20 Utah 3, #10 Boise State 26

What I learned after this game... Boise is fun to say. Boise. Boyyy-seee. But MAACO is funer. MAYCO. MAAAAACOOOOooooOOOO.

What I drank during this game... Right now, I'm drinking a Saint Arnold Christmas Ale. I buy every Saint Arnold seasonal when they come around because they are my hometown brewery. I also root for the Astros, Rockets, and Texans for the same reason. During dinner, which was spent over at my parents' house, we blew through like 4 wines. We made paella, and when I say we, I mean they bought everything, printed like 3 recipes, and I cooked... and drank. My dad kept the wine coming. During dinner, we did a Spanish wine, because... you are keeping up right? I took a picture later on.

What the Bowl Challenge points look like after this game... BlitzKrieg (RK) put it all on Boise (smart) and still has the lead with 111. Hey hey... I (GN) hold the statistical lead, which means I would win my own game if I get all the rest of my picks correct. Money.

> Bowl Game 6 of 35
Poinsettia Bowl - San Diego, CA - Qualcomm Stadium
December 23, 2010 7:00 PM
Navy 14, San Diego State 35

What I learned after this game... 1.5 million gallons of rainwater were pumped out of Qualcomm Stadium before the game could be played.

What I drank during this game... I didn't drink anything interesting. But what I wanted to drink was Dogfish Head Bitches Brew, which was being tapped at Petrol Station this evening. Instead, I finished up xmas shopping. *sigh*

What the Bowl Challenge points look like after this game... BlitzKrieg (RK) still holds a pretty solid lead with 134 points. RK put 23 points on this game. Damn. Smokey's Bandits (KH) and 13 National Championships (CG) now hold the statistical lead. 

> Bowl Game 7 of 35
Hawaii Bowl - Honolulu - Aloha Stadium
December 24, 2010 7:00 PM
#24 Hawaii 35, Tulsa 62

What I learned after this game... In the battle of one of the worst places in the United States and one of the best, it all really comes down to not turning the ball over 6 damn times. Apparently you can't win the game that way.

What I drank during this game... Christmas Eve with dinner with my parents I drank wine. Some pretty good stuff, but didn't take any pictures, so I don't remember. At home, while putting together toys for the kids while prepping the fireplace area for Santa, I drank a Celebration Ale. I didn't take a picture, but a dude I know wrote a review of it one time.

What the Bowl Challenge points look like after this game... The BlitzKrieg (RK) lead continues (141 points, 26 point lead), however the statistical lead is now head by Bevo XIV (DW).


  1. I got Texas for 35 pts! Oh wait, what? Sorry, gotta try to laugh to keep from crying.

  2. Hitting 4/5 with relatively proper weightage. It's always hard to gauge the Bowl picks until about NYD, weighting carries the day.

    So is there any "major announcement" regarding the Texas OC position once Boise State completes their bowl game?

  3. @JR
    Commish says no... Texas passes on Harsin.
    Commish has no sources though.


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