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The Official 2014 Pickem-Football Annual Recruitment Post

In no other game in history have there been so many choices. More choices mean more opportunities; more opportunities mean more potential to win and (possibly) defeat your enemies. Picking is easy, but picking football games successfully is only slightly more difficult than flipping a coin. Gang, whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to this game, you made a great choice today: reading this text. Your choices are truly what define you, and I know that you are perfect, maybe even born specifically, for the 2014 iteration of pickem-football. I got an email years ago: “Just what is pickem-football?” Friends, it is possibly one of the greatest tools to both casually follow along during the football season while also practicing your picking proficiency in life. “Sounds great, but how exactly to you plan on improving my life?”  The method is simple and effective. By presenting an abundance of choice. An elaborate buffet of choices. Quick, simple, choices. When you find yourself