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Week 14 NFL - Live Bloggin' It... why not?

The Texans play on Monday and I'll probably be spending the day waiting to be disappointed by polls consisting of ballots cast by non-football experts, how 'bout a little live blogging (we'll see how long this lasts). ~8:30-11:00: I've spent the morning avoiding NFL talk and trying to find shows on TV talking college football. It seems most TV guys like Texas. I'm not sure if that pisses me off more or not. TBD. 11:00AM: Eh... no more college football talk. Time to hit up the TiVo for entertainment. Survivor time. 11:01AM: WTF! recap show!? Recap shows blow, even if they do show some extra footage. Whatever. Thanks for nothing CBS. 12:02PM: My disinterest in the Survivor recap has led to a lot of pausing and leaving the room. It's still on as the games are kicking off. Bleep it... I'm finishing this crappy recap show. Good thing I have 4 TVs in the living room right now. 12:07PM: Oh yeah... I forgot to mention the Plax story. Can someone explain to me why sp

Week 14 NCAA Results

it WAS chris/kevin showdown week... next week should be chris victory lap week.

Dear BCS, From a Longhorn:

With apologies to the fighting agricultures (sorry that it seems like we are overlooking your big game, but you are 35 point dogs), to BCS disciples, and to blow-u (nah... not to those guys in Norman). Below are some signs that I hear may be floating around on National TV throughout some weekend games. hey... if you made it this far down the post, here is a good read:

Week 13 NFL Results

uh oh... it's a tie up top now.

Week 13 NCAA Results

uh oh... watch out Cain... Kevin is knocking on the door. and all is right in the world... tech really does suck.

Nastypiece Theater - Week 12

I don't want to break my streak of posting big and/or gross hits every week, so I went searching around today. While I didn't find anything football from the football field, I did find this (sorry, I forgot the blog I pulled it from so I can't give them a credit): (big hit is at the end of the video)

Week 13 Card

for those that lost their card or need to download one last minute... here ya go . just a note... check for the backward lines on the wvu/louisville and wash/wash st. games. that should make your picking easier. and how 'bout a Pammy: "Somebody plugged the hole and then gave it to him right up under his chin."- Brad Nessler

No Trophies

I don't know if I'll find myself rooting one way or the other on Saturday night. Longhorns, unlike the ags, don't have any sort of hate toward the sand aggies, mostly just their annoying fans. Blow-u, on the other hand, is a team Longhorns never want to see succeed. I could rant about my disdain for everything that is mobile-homa, but I've got work to do today (plus, it'll just get me all p!ssed and I would rather stay in a good place). Those nut twisting dust lovin' hicks... no seriously, I'm done. Maybe Longhorns should feel sorry for their little buddies in the desert. Their brand of football is pretty fun to watch, even if it hasn't really been anything but a novelty until recently. Plus, I really don't want to see another trophy land in Norman. I suppose Tech kinda needs something besides pirate paraphernalia laying around. I find myself being a huge Missouri Tiger fan these days anyway. Moo Moo Mizzou!!!


This article has got to be the worst argument against a playoff that I've ever seen from a legitimate source. Walters, Michael Moore called, he thought your logic was a bit of a stretch.

Week 12 NCAA, NFL, and Overall (Kelli Kup) Standings

All in one neat package! No movers and shakers view this week. I was lucky to get an accurate rebuild of the Pick'em spreadsheet. Oh yeah... ummm... and this is the 100th post!!! for whatever that is worth.

Week 12 NFL Results

The NFL piece of Pick'em has been restored now too. The Eagles/Bangles game ended in a tie. From a Pick'em score perspective, it's just a push. From an aesthetics standpoint, I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm NOT altering the scorecard to show the tie in the record.

Week 12 NCAA Results - IT'S UP!

well... this card "looks" like the old ones, has some behind the scenes functionality, and the Pick'em points have been matched to my archives... i'm still p!ssed, but life goes on. EDIT: I just noticed... this is the 100th post. Woohoo! EDIT2: Damn... I just noticed that I have 2 posts that never made it out of draft status, so this is actually the 98th post.

Black Saturday

Somehow the Excel files in the Pick'em on my portable hard drive became corrupt. I am going to have to rebuild everything from scratch. I have .jpg screen captures, so everyone's score be preserved, but the rebuilding may take me a while.

Change. We Need.

Since this week's updates have all been pictures/videos and have not included any useful insight from me, why not keep it going? You "change" freaks out there may appreciate this picture taken at the LSU game. Bring it on!

Baylor Is On The Map

If the aggies were actually as great as, then the world would have more whooops, howdies, farmers, stores selling overalls, and don't-ask-don't-tell servicemen. Until then, here is a funny from the zany folks at the aggie blog.

Week 12 Card

whoops... sorry blog readers/card downloaders. I forgot to post the card this week... until now! booyaah and stuff. CLICK HERE FOR THE WEEK 12 CARD

Here's One for Tech Fans

If anyone has watched an Okie St game, you've probably seen their... ummm... rather elementary way of calling plays in to their players. Mike Gundy may be 40 41, but the kids certainly are not. Apparently bright colors and big pictures are more on their level. And in yet another reason to put on the books of why the internet is the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of the world, check out what play the Cowboys should have been calling last Saturday night.

Week 11 NCAA Bonus - If I Were President...

If I ruled the world, was king on the throne I'd make peace in every culture, build the homeless a home I'm not runnin, for Congress or the President I'm just here, to tell the world, how my story went You see - first it was a dream, I was livin in Rome And then I moved to London, bought a brand new home And everywhere I went, I drew lots of attention Like a stretch limousine, one of those new inventions It took a few years 'fore the day had come But I was ruler of the WORLD ranked number one So I headed towards Washington to claim the crown Let the whole world know that, the King was in town As I, arrived, the crowd started to cheer and then someone yelled out, "The King is here!" So I headed toward stage, to make a speech about the new style of living I was gonna teach, uh-huh -Mr Blow Lets all be honest... who really wants to rule the world... or the country... what a sht job. But sports... now that's a chair I'd like to sit in. I'm not sure if

Week 11 Overall Standings - Kelli Kup

No prize here... only pride. Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 11 NFL Standings

... much tighter than the NCAA contest. Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 11 NCAA Standings

With about 3 1/2 weeks of games left, Chris is going into the stretch with a commanding lead. Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 11 NFL Results

It was a tight one on top, and Kirby won by tiebreaker.

Nastypiece Theater - Week 11

I don't even feel right posting this clip, but after a few weeks of not-really-that-nasty videos for Nastypiece Theater, it's the real deal. Do Not Watch right after lunch.

Week 11 NCAA Results

COMMENTARY: This comment probably won't be popular with most of the league, but... LSU is terrible not a championship team. That makes Alabama not that much better. 'Bama has no business holding the #1, but whatever. Roll Tide and best of luck. And the sand aggies just wrecked the cowboys... both those teams should fear OU... I'm glad Texas isn't looking at them on the schedule this late in the season. NOTE: I will announce the bonus question points early in the week.

Week 11 Card

Thursday night NFL games have begun... and the game is on the card. The early bird deadline will be Thursday night before kickoff. If you can't get the entire card to me on time, just email me your Thursday night pick. DOWNLOAD THE WEEK 11 CARD ps- go Cowboys... i usually only say that once a year... unfortunately i have to say it twice this year.

Week 10 Overall Results - The Kelli Kup

No prize here... only pride. Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 10 NFL Standings

Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 10 NFL Results

Vince is willing his team to win after win. Unbelievable. ... but it's the Bengals that took their foot off the pedal... (Week 10 NFL Bonus points updated 11/10/08. Sorry for the delay, but they will magically appear after the Week 11 final scorecard is posted). Props to Kyle... the only playa that cracked double digits this week (no one hit doubles in NCAA).

Nastypiece Theater - Week 10

A leg breaking on a wagon!?! This happened early in the week, but it's a perfect candidate for the Week 10 Nastypiece Theater, as it is quite nasty.

Week 10 NCAA Standings

We have a new crew knocking on Chris' door now. Even after 2 pedestrian cards in a row, Chris is still picking 60% against the spread! Movers and shakers view. Sorted view.

Week 10 NCAA Results

mthrfkr. (oh yeah... note Amy/Carrie has won their 3rd straight contest)