No Trophies

I don't know if I'll find myself rooting one way or the other on Saturday night. Longhorns, unlike the ags, don't have any sort of hate toward the sand aggies, mostly just their annoying fans. Blow-u, on the other hand, is a team Longhorns never want to see succeed. I could rant about my disdain for everything that is mobile-homa, but I've got work to do today (plus, it'll just get me all p!ssed and I would rather stay in a good place). Those nut twisting dust lovin' hicks... no seriously, I'm done.

Maybe Longhorns should feel sorry for their little buddies in the desert. Their brand of football is pretty fun to watch, even if it hasn't really been anything but a novelty until recently. Plus, I really don't want to see another trophy land in Norman. I suppose Tech kinda needs something besides pirate paraphernalia laying around.

I find myself being a huge Missouri Tiger fan these days anyway. Moo Moo Mizzou!!!


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