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NFL Bonus: Two MNF games. For it? Against it?

Unlike the tailgate intensity question, there is no wrong answer here, only weak efforts.

The For Its

14 National Championships (CG): Love it. Wifee, not so much. Double up, come up for my bets lost on Saturday and Sunday. (+3, double up, like)

A Northmen (ANo): For it... you can't ever get enough football yo! (+3, yo)

AccidentChild (MN): For it. Why not? (+2, seriously)

Beelzebubbles (CCo): Always for! I can switch during commercials and never feel football empty. (+2, football empty is a terrible feeling)

Ferments-A-Lot (GN): Does The Man really like it? I'm for anything that irritates The Man. (+2)

Bevo XIV (DW): For it. It's one fewer game that I can't watch on Sunday due to regional and TV distribution limitations, and the west coast gets a bone. We're only about 5 years away from one or two games a night each weeknight with all 4 (plus cable) networks chipping in billions for the rights to one or two days a week. (+3, it's always all about the money)

BlitzKrieg (RK): For it. As a fan of a team that normally plays in the 1 p.m. Eastern slot on Sundays, I tend to miss at least half of the NFL games a week. I love the idea of moving one of these games to Monday night to create a doubleheader -- I now have the option of seeing one more live game a week. (+3, practical)

Bourbon Street Bounty Hunters (JC): FOR anything that gives us more football staggered across a given week, period. (+2, me too)

Double D (DD): For it. Duh. Universal law. If one is good, two MUST be better (football games, carburetors, girls). (+3, carburetors… good stuff)

Gig'em (AP): For it! Just wish there were better matchups! Looking forward to all the Thursday Night games this year though. (+3, prerequisite is sh!tty West Coast match-up)

Kentucky Wildmen (GF): I have two DVR boxes now, that means I can go elsewhere and watch something interesting instead of the Cartoon Network. So I am for it!!! I just wish that we would quit showing Big Easy(t) games on Thursday night. (+3, that answer is all over the place… love it)

Pimp Possee (JBe): For to watch more prime time games. (+2, more is good)

WhoDat4Life (Lo): I would LOVE it...that would be two reasons for Mondays not to completely suck! (+2, Mondays do kinda suck)

The Against Its

Cacti3 (DCo): Totally against!!!!!!!!!!!! (+2, but the 12 slammers make me think you are not serious)

Chumlee Banditos (KP): Against it. They should spread it out over a week. Thursday night opener except when the DNC/RNC have a prominent speaker like say the President. The Obama team were probably worried that no one would have watched his speech if it ran at the same time as the opener. Sunday games as usual. Monday night football game and a Tuesday game. (+3, I'm OK with that)

JoeMama_TheGreek (JHu): Nope. Don't like it. (+1, but why?)

Large Donkey IPA (KS): Against it. How about a Tuesday night game? And the announcers are always awful. (+2, I'm all for a Tuesday Night game)

Levain's Cookies (A-C): Against it. First one starts too early, second one ends too late. (+2, fair enough)

Mr. Smokeypants (KH): Against, can't stay up that late anymore. #DaddySmokeypants (+2, #old)

Naked Bootleggers (JN): Against it. 6pm still on the road coming home from work and missing the first quarter, 10:15pm already in bed and won't make it past the first quarter. If you think about it with two games I get to see one whole game, so maybe I am for it! (+2, ha, and maybe you work too much)

One Man Wolf Pack (MF): Against, I don't like west coast nfl teams anyway. (+2, that is the problem with the 2nd game)

Replacement Picks (ANe): Completely against it. My access to ESPN is limited, which means more football on Monday nights is less football for me. If it was worked out where I could watch more football on Monday nights, then I would be all for it. More football = better life. (+2, interesting perspective)

SITKNM (JHa): Against it. (+1, cool, but why?)

Team Awesome (SE): Against it, should only be one game on monday night it. Tradition. (TRADITION! That was the secret bonus word for this question. +3)

The Chex Mixers (KW): Against it, I have football palate fatigue by then and need a coming down game, not a double jam down your throat event again. (+3… for wording)

TXH8R (DT): Don't watch it/them in the first place. (+1. What!?)


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