P-F12: Week 5 NFL Results

updated 10/2/12 11:02 AM

Refs are back!

If you were going to forget your NFL picks, this may have been the week. Three of you guys rode BlitzKrieg's coattails to a 7/15 week. The league averaged 10/15. Collectively, we are picking 59% straight up through the season.

The weekend primetime games were a stumbling block for picking, but continue to be good games for NBC and ESPN. The Pick'em surprise of the week (12% correct) was St. Louis fieldgoaling the Seahawks to death (avoids the whole simultaneous possession issue).

Pickem-Football.com 2012 Week 5 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

Here is how bonus points were tallied.

Weekly Winners = 3pts. DCo, JBe, AP (12/15 picks)

Double Digit Card (12+) = 3pts. DCo, JBe, AP

Paid Entry Fee = 1pt/wk. GN, DW, CCo, CG, MN, JC, AP (new, thanks!), KP, DD, Lo (new, thanks!), DT (new, thanks!), JHu, ANe

MNF Props = 1pt each. I'm just saying guys, I GAVE YOU THE FREAKING ANSWER TO THE ROMO INT QUESTION. I'm pretty sure that whenever I include that question, Romo has always thrown the most picks. 100% of the time. Just like in the college picks how you will pick on the wrong side of the Wisconsin line every single week. These are Pick'em law. But, how could I have known that Romo would throw a trifecta? Dude blows a Cowboy drive with a pick that ALSO gave Chicago the first TD. That's So Romo.
(Romo - 5 INTs, Chicago - 1st TD, Over 41.5). ANo (2), GN (1), KW (2), DW (1), KH (1), KZ (0), RK (2), CCa (2), KS (1), GF (0), JHa (1), CCo (0), DCo (0), A-C (1), CG (1), JBe (0), MN (0), JC (0), JN (1), JBi (1), AP (3), KP (1), MF (1), DD (0), Lo (0), DT (1), JHu (0), ANe (0), SE (2)

Pimp Possee removes the "co-" tag from his leader title this week. BlitzKrieg (RK) was human for a week... drops 12 spots. While Pimp Possee is picking at a fairly strong 68% rate, the lead is razor thin and more than half the league is picking 60%+.


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