P-F09: Week 7 NFL Results

Edited 10/22/09 11:22AM

NFL Scoreboard

Point summaries for Week 7:
The high and low scores this week were only 3 points from each other. Interesting. Cain picked well enough to keep the ladies away and even extended his lead a little.

Weekly Winner(s): CC, GF, BD (10) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): None +3 points
Even/Odd Bonus: 11 of 20 guessed correctly... statistically speaking, that sounds about right, +2
Paid: DW, KH, CC, KZ, RH, JHa, CJ, CG, A-C, BD, JN, JC (+1)

Like/Dislike the Even/Odd bonus. It's funny because only days after I wrote that as a bonus question, a study on how coin flips were found to be statistically flawed came out.

Anyone care to leave a comment explaining to me how or why the Saints are so freakin' awesome this year? Anyone care to bet that they won't remember that they are the Saints come playoff time?

NFL Scoreboard


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