2008 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Post

(the bowl card is a beast, click the picture to bring up a larger version)

12/20 10:05AM update: I'll add content to this as the bowl season evolves. For now... here is the card.

12/20 1:09PM update: The first game is in the books and the bowl season is officially on.

12/20 5:29PM update: Well... if you're name ain't Rich, then you've already lost a least one game... and we are only 2 games in.

12/20 7:46PM update: That South Florida game wasn't all that interesting... I watched 'P.S. I Love You' with the wife. My guy review? Thumbs up... not bad at all. Next up, 'The Dark Knight.'

12/20 10:50PM update: 'The Dark Knight'?? eh. It was kewl I guess. Sorry boys, the night goes to 'P.S. I Love You'. Oh yeah, and BYU lost... WTF! Rich went 4 for 4 on the first day to take the early lead. But remember friends, this is a marathon not a sprint.

12/21 10:57PM update: Wow, Sunday night was a good night for football. Both the NFL game and tonight's bowl game went to overtime. Rich drops one, but keeps the lead.

12/23 10:36PM update: What a treat to have one of the best bowl matchups of the bowl season this early. Boise drops it's first of the year (see what happens when the turf is green). No change up top for us. Rich is still the man.

12/25 12:38AM update: I'm just done setting out the cookies for the big guy. Notre Dame took care of some business in Hawaii yesterday night... snapped that 9 bowl game losing streak. Whoopty friggin doo... last 2 ND bowl wins? tamu and Hawaii. *hand imitated shotgun cock* *trigger pull* Woooo! And Rich still hangs onto a slim lead. Merry xmas peeps!

12/27 9:36AM update: FAU. Hmm. The fighting Schnellenbergers fell into a bowl game at .500 and pulled it out. I wouldn't have (didn't) pick that one. I know this guy won a national championship at Miami when I could still count how old I was on two hands, but how does this guy recruit kids today?!

12/27 3:17PM update: The bowl season is back in gear, and while the defenses weren't in full gear when the Meineke Car Care bowl started, it turned out to be a good game. But the game wasn't the highlight of the day so far. Earlier Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo was on Encore. Thumbs up. And Rich...... still in the lead... but not for long if FSU wins this afternoon.

12/27 7:05PM update: ... and there you have it folks. We have a new leader: Amy/Carrie. And for all you math nerds out there, Gary holds the mathematical advantage at the moment.

12/27 10:41PM update: I wish I could give you guys some real inside scoop on the Cal game, but I was watching 'Iron Man' instead... much better than 'The Dark Knight' IMO. From what I could tell (with no sound on), the Cal game wasn't all that bad... capping off a pretty good day of games. Our points leaders remain the same.

12/28 10:48PM update: Another game. Same story on our leaderboard. (big ups to northern LA)

12/29 5:55PM update: Rutgers names a Spanish professor interim athletic director, falls behind early in the pizza bowl, comes back, and makes myself and (more importantly) Dave very happy. Gary still holds his mathematical advantage.

12/29 11:01PM update: OT baby. And Chase Fat, er Daniel pulls it out.

12/31 10:47AM update: Really Okie State? Really? Dave now holds the mathematical and actual advantage.

12/31 2:23PM update: Can someone please tell me why Air Force's mascot is not the Jets?!? Air Force Falcons? Sure, they fly, but at least the Eagles would be a little more appropriate. But seriously... they should be the Jets.

12/31 4:30PM retro-post: (this is what I should have wrote at this time, but didn't) What the heck was that Pitt/Oregon St game?? 3-0? No Rogers boys. No Offense from either sideline. But this wasn't some defensive masterpiece either. Just a whole lot of bowl season suck. How Wannstedt still has a job I have no idea.

12/31 5:50PM update: VANDY!

12/31 10:40PM update: I'm pretty sure I'll be the only one checking the Pick'em website tonight, but I've updated the card. Happy New Years y'all! Last post of 2008!

1/1 1:51PM update: Dave holds the early 2009 lead... Kevin has got the math.

1/1 3:34PM update: UGA UGA UGA UGA UGA UGA! Kewl... I get a short visit on top in '09.

1/1 4:06PM update: the pre-granddaddy update... point values are all over the place on this one, although most of you are trojan guys/gals.

1/1 11:18PM update: ...and Kirby gets a taste of the top. Kevin now has a strong mathematical advantage.

1/2 9:27AM update: Is it me or was yesterday a boring day for football? Maybe I'm biased since a few games didn't go my way, but there were some big bowls yesterday (including 2 BCS games), and I wasn't glued to the TV for any of them.

1/2 1:15PM live in-game update: Can Ole Miss make it a game with Texas Tech? #8 vs. #20. New money vs. Old Money. Vegas said TTU -4.5. Wow, 4.5! Seems like a steal on the surface, but maybe there is some bias based on hype? The line only moved 0.5 points since it opened. I guess Vegas wasn't having any trouble getting people on both sides.

1/2 1:45PM live in-game update: Two Old Miss turnovers... Two quick TDs the other way. Like a was saying, TTU all the way.

1/2 2:14PM live in-game update: 14-14. Like I was saying, can Ole Miss really do it? If someone on the broadcast says "Mad Genius" one more time, you guys are going to see some random punctuation.

1/2 4:48PM live in-game update: Is it gay to use one of these --> :) Well then I'm gay... happy gay. Sorry Tech. I guess that trophy case stays empty.
(apologies to Crystal... but hope the tech-ers kept their Academy receipts)

1/2 10:44PM update: Wow. What an unexpected day. The excitement (or "upsets") more than made up for that crappy January 1 day of games. I won't pile on though, I know Curtis is grieving right now... plus, my Horns haven't played yet. Kirby now has the inside track on a Bowl Pick'em win.

1/5 11:15PM update: Colt McCoy's hot girlfriend and a towel waving mullet-boy... candidate for video clip of the year?

1/6 8:48AM update: hmmm... pretty good game last night. Dave is leading right now, but not for long. So what's the scenario? Here we go yo.

If Tulsa wins... Kirby wins.
If Tulsa loses... Rich wins.

Great, it all comes down to the GMAC bowl.

1/6 9:09PM update: It is halftime at the historic January 6th GMAC Bowl... and I bet Kirby is smelling victory.

1/6 10:22PM update: Kirby rides that douche bag Todd Graham to a NCAA Bowl Pick'em Contest win. Cograts dude.

1/8 7:15PM update: I'm not live blogging this game or anything, but I have a pregame thought. Screw the Big12 vs. SEC. If the SEC feels some delusion of grandeur because its fans root for their own, I could care less. The Big12 ain't hurting for either money or hype and the outcome of this game won't settle the SEC vs. Big12 argument anyway. So here it is: Fk those nut twisting dirt burglers. I wish you nothing but the worst.

Yup, I said it.

1/8 9:15PM update: Dude, after Tech won the Pontiac Game Changing moment with their last second TD on the Horns, if Mobilehoma wins a National Championship then I may go back into a mini-depression. This can't be how my college football season ends!

1/8 10:45PM update: Chomp. Chomp.

1/9 8:16AM update: Final card posted. Well done Kirbs.


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