Week 9 Notes

ESPN Gameday Will Be In Lubbock

That got me thinking, I wonder what the record is for Gameday appearances for 1 team in a year. That's 3 for Texas now. My guess is the SEC is the only other conference that may have a team with 3 appearances in a year. Anyone know?
(I think I pulled this text from Deadspin)
Sick of Colt McCoy yet? Too bad. You are getting more this upcoming Saturday as UT visits Lubbock, Texas for what is likely the biggest game in the history of Tech football. And of course ESPN GameDay will be there. It’ll be the third UT game in 4 weeks for Chris, Lee and Hollywood Herbstreit. Is it even possible for McCoy to not win the Heisman after all this press? USA Today says forget it, he is the winner. Unless…It’s Colt McCoy’s world and likely his trophy, unless Texas falters this weekend to Graham Harrell’s Texas Tech team.
... Speaking of Colt McCoy

His girlfriend has been showing up on television a lot recently (whenever they show the requisite shot of Colt's dad). Apparently she's a budding ErinAndrews.


, and there is this picture floating around on the internet too.

... Speaking of ESPN College Gameday

Here are some shots I took when Gameday visited Austin for the Mizzou game. Be sure to check out what God thinks of Missouri.

... Speaking of Lubbock

This is a real picture of Lubbock. Friggin' sand aggies.

Willingham Get The Boot

After an 0-7 start (and a particularly tough schedule in my opnion), Willingham was asked to step down. I caught this gem from an AP article: "When asked if it was his decision to leave, Willingham said flatly, "no" and added he never considered resigning."

To be honest, I could care less about u dub football, but Ty is good people... and don't shed too many tears... Ty is due a $1M buyout.

Why Does This Make Me A Little More Happy Than Sad?

The afterparty.

I Hear the Saints Are On A Diet

I'll close down this random post with something from Awful Annoucing

"Oklahoma State has how many rush yards in the first half, 111 yards per carry?" - Doug Flutie

Damn, it sure felt like it.


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