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Week 9: The Jinx

Sorry Chris, but you are kicking our collective asses and something had to be done. Your NCAA picks were just TOO good. In fact, I would swear that you are cheating somehow if I didn't paste your picks into the card myself. So what else was there to do but do a little voodoo.

And it seems the jinx may have worked! Your pedestrian 6 of 15 in the Week 9 NCAA contest is just what us 2nd tier NCAA pickers needed to feel like we are still in the game. Let's hope for a couple more similar weeks. I mean, good luck dude (and I do mean good luck... no... seriously... good luck).

Before I get to the various jinxes and the bonus points scored, it seems I need to explain the point system again. After announcing *my* favorite response to my wife Saturday night, I got yelled at for like 5 or 60 minutes about how its not fair that whoever sends the response that I like the best, even if it's an inside joke, always wins. So here is a clarification: the open ended bonus questions are judged completely objectively... by me only. I'm pretty sure I've made that clear before, but there you guys have it again. Remember (Amanda), this is all just for fun ;)

Below are the jinxes, the bonus points you earned, and my objective reason for assigning that point value.

DW: I still got scoreboard over you last year buddy…the comeback begins today!
...coming from someone who was 19 pts down before this weekend... I dig the optimism.

JC: May you pick like I picked in Week 6 for the remainder of the season.
Here's a decent jinx that loses points for a fact error. You got 7 right in Week 6, but 5 right in Week 7.

A-C: He peaked too early.
Let's hope so... if memory serves me right, he's been on a similar path before.

KW: I fart in his general direction.
...and I can tell you, coming from Kyle, that's an awful thing to say... Kyle's farts may kill brain cells.

RK: Ryan Fitzpatrick sucks.
I agree, and so do Chris' Week 9 picks.

KH: Boogety Boogety
I can't tell if Kirby is trying to tickle Chris, give him candy at his doorstep, or if he's watching NASCAR, but here's a point.

CG: Gree Gree on yo ass CC!
It rhymes... and I like rhymes.

CJ: I don't eat chicken
Typical Crystal... keepin' it random, yo.

AN: CC is so good and consistent he never misses more than two picks.
I'm a big fan of the reverse psychology, and I'm pretty sure anything less than a 3 here would get me in more trouble.

GN: Chris becoming known is Vegas as the guy that moves the lines. In fact, he's even got the upset special of the weekend, and he'll give it to you for free! Just call his toll free number (from a cell phone or other phone with free long distance) and you'll get his upset special by recorded message that is guaranteed to hit or you get the rest of the year completely free.
Of course I have a natural preference for my own stuff. Sue me.

KS: Cain, we all know Mrs. Probst is feeding you your picks, so just come clean and admit it. While you're at it you might as well admit to the torrid love affair you are having with her.
My personal favorite response. Invoking jr high school teachers that hated my guts is an easy way to score big bonus points.

And the winner is...
CC: Bounces off of me and sticks to you, I'm rubber and you're glue.

Ahhh well. Chris flips the script and wins his own jinx contest. But look at it this way folks, he scored as many bonus points as he did real points this week (6... 5 + 1 GOW point). Let's hope for a few more weeks like this one.


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