My Week 4 Notes

I didn't do a lot of TV watching this weekend, so I did a lot of internet trolling for stories and ESPN watching. I kept some notes as I went along, so this is like a version of live blogging of my weekend football catch-up... or at least a recap.

Vandy is ranked!
#21! Kirby has got to be still drunk from the celebration. Where was my drunk call?

I think BYU just scored again.

Recruit? Whoooooops!
Is it really possible to be as void of talent as tamu seems to be and be a school in the state of Texas?!? Apparently so.

Eh... USC.
Forget the Big East, Big 11, or ACC... could USC go undefeated and still be left out of the BCS championship game?? The Mountain West has walloped the PAC-10 so far.

I don't know about you guys, but i sure am glad the mars polar cap mystery was solved *whew*

Mmmm... dislocated kneecap.

Dating tips from Coach Leach?
Aaaarrrg! Greatness!

Do the Titans need VY?
How bad is the Titan's offense anyway? How about bringing some other talent in? On that note, how bad are the Texans... on both sides of the ball... ugh.

How good is America's Team?
After spy-gate, is it time to start calling them America's Team again?

I'm not ready to go all "Denver," but with the life of a running back in the NFL, are they worth a 1st round draft pick??

Dolphins > Patriots?
Proof that the NFL is still worth watching... and no, not because of parity. Every team has talent. Good coaches figure out how to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Hmmmmmm... kinda like the college game. NCAA football > NFL football? Yep.

But will the NFL start adopting more "gadget" eeeerrrrrr creative plays? I kinda hope so...


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