Week 1 Thoughts, League Results

Recap time... since Gary kicked it off, let's start with his (surprisingly good) observations from week 1.

(Gary is in blue)

What have we learned this first week.

USC is legit.

Ok... not profound, but you are just getting warmed up... but, pretty good call... USC is on top of the polls now.

This will not be South Carolina's breakout year

Maybe Vandy will lick Smelley's Gamecocks tonight. I follow the SEC (in that SEC fan won't stop talking about his conference), but when is this elevated expectation of the *other* USC going to finally silence?

ACC still sucks. Maybe worse than the Big Eas(y)t
Good observation.

Tennessee still will only play for one half of a game
Oh man... not more SEC talk... well as long as that is all we are going to do.

LSU is no Michigan
What the sec?! Ok... True... LSU *is* no Michigan... Michigan has a reputation for academics too.

Louisville vs Kentucky was not a Sunday primetime game. Wasn't even close to a Thursday game or even a DirectTV college sports package. Maybe ESPN thought it was a basketball game.
This is an SEC talk freebie... you made a funny. But you know what else is funny? Fat guys running at full speed.

Texas A&M...... Do we really need to say anything about that?
Yes we do... and I found just the quote, courtesy of an article in The Sporting News

From Coach Sherman:
“I’ve been doing this long enough to know … that I have complete confidence in how we do things, what we’re doing, the manner in which we do them,” Sherman said. “I have no doubt we will win. When that is exactly, I can’t pinpoint, but I know for a fact it will happen.”
He's not sure when it will happen, but sometime he will get a win. That's a promise y'all.

Michigan gets smacked by another spread offense. Didn't they learn last year?
...and it couldn't have happened to a better guy in coach Rich Rod. Speaking of good things happening to good people, apparently someone put some holes in a blow-u football and a basketball player.

USC and Missouri proved that they belong in the top 10. What about the rest?
*sigh* I have got to apologize to you guys. My sloppiness has totally mislead you. You see, this is why I should proof my work. *This* is why a little self-editing is important. I've been careless and if you guys want to bail now it's cool.

Gary, that statement above is confusing and mostly meaningless. I don't know what I was thinking telling people to put away their Garynese dictionaries.

Soooo.... Anyone still up for some stats?

  • Week 1 Winner: JM - Jimmy's Team (12), +1 or more over the field
  • Doubles: KH (11), DW, CC, KS, GF, CG (11), A-C, JG (12), JC
  • NCAA Pick'em Leader: JM - Jimmy's Team (12), pretty straight forward
  • Break down of Week 1 Bonuses: Early Bird - 1, GOW - 1, Best Bets - 3 (KH, DW, JH, RK, JG), Weekly Winner - 3

  • coming week 2

  • No prize here, only pride: JM - Jimmy's Team (12), Dude, you are leading everything!
  • Double Doubles: N/A

Early bird deadline is before the NFL kickoff on Thursday night. If you forget, don't forget to send me your card anyway. Just don't give me some "the dog ate my homework" excuse.


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