NCAA Pick'em: Week 2 (semi-live)

I'm sitting at home at the moment, so this week I'll do a little live blogging during games.

10:33AM: I'm still missing cards from 3 people... but I'm posting everything up anyway. What is up with the lack of good games today. Blah. Only about 30 more minutes of Kirk Shitstreet.

10:38AM: ESPN College Gameday has been teasing an Erin Andrews appearance... her appearance will improve the show tenfold.

10:54AM: TiVo saves marriages, raises better children, and has healing powers. I'm 16 minutes behind now, but I did catch Erin Andrews (who possesses 2 of the 3 powers listed above).

12:37PM: Ugh... how are all the games on TV right now involving the Big 10? Beer is helping me get through this relative football boredom.

12:45PM: In glass half full news... at halftime, Michigan is playing like crap, the Cheese are only leading Marshall by 3 (after going down by 14 to open the game), and Ohio State is losing to Ohio University... sweet.

2:11PM: Woohoo! The big eleven pulled it out in their 11am games. Time to update the card.

2:13PM: Why the hell did I put the Georgia Tech/Boston College game on the card?! I'm disappointed in myself. *drink*

3:07PM: 4 beers in... good. Games... still suck.

5:00PM: sobering up to go visit the in-laws... "live" updates will be suspended 'till tonight.

10:02PM: ugh... late getting home... TiVo is my own personal savior... Texas game will not be missed.

10:05PM: WTF!?!? USF/UCF went into overtime, and somehow Texas is down by 3... the beer fridge is my own personal savior. Oh yeah, and thanks ESPN for moving the game to a channel Comcast doesn't get. Sweet.

12:44AM: Ok... that 9:15PM kickoff sounded great on paper... need sleepy now... I'm shutting this bad boy down. peace out.

5:32AM: Why. Why do kids not respect the sleep requirements of their parents. Seriously, how much hungrier could you be if you just wait a couple hours?

Below is the Week 2 scorecard.


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