Week 2 Card: RedDot-gate

Sooo... I was out of the office with my laptop today and got the word of the mysterious red dot on the NFL picks. I downloaded a copy, fixed the error, and then reposted the card.

Unfortunately the crappy M. D. Anderson public wifi signal isn't strong enough for me to transfer a file. Meanwhile twos and twos of you guys were unsuccessfully trying to download the card from the website (cool! I didn't know anyone used that feature!). RedDot-gate quickly turned into Download-gate.

Where are we now?
We are good... I think.

What was the problem in the first place?
1. I usually create the card drunk
2. There is a difference with the way that Excel 2007 (with which I create the cards) deals with conditional formatting vs. the old version of Excel. Because I was switching between the two during testing, I bleeped up the formatting. I've got both versions here at work and have tested the card to work in both.

What happens to my Early Bird bonus point?
T-minus 4.5 hrs and counting (see countdown widget on the website). If you are busy, just email me your pick for the NFL game tonight.


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