P-F11: Week 12 Results

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Pickem-Football.com 2011 Week 12 NCAA Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

GameDay Sign Suggestion Bonus:

I asked you to submit a clever GameDay-ish sign to celebrate ESPN's visit to the lovely U of H campus. Here's what you guys submitted.

Northmen (ANo): "Eat 'em up Corso!" +3

Ferments-A-Lot (GN): 'Did ESPN Gameday come to your High School? I don't think so. RESPECT." Cougar High jokes don't get old, just saying. +4

BevoXIV (DW): "Who knew SWC >> Big 12?" It's not. +4

Mr. Smokeypants (KH): "Fowler likes the shocker" Classy, er I mean classic. +3

Mad Bomber (KZ): "Chunk the deuce" I'm Paul Wall, Swishahouse baby, Houston Tex
Live from the gridiron, I'm on the grind, collectin checks. +5

BlitzKrieg (RK):
Haven't seen him?
Drink a Case of beer and watch him throw.
This system QB is worthy of Heisman row."
A rhyme? Are you kidding me!? Automatic +6

Chicainery (CCa): "Geaux LSU"
Neaux points for that, Chris. 
OK, +2

Large Donkey IPA (KSc):
"What's better than Erin Andrews and Gameday in Houston?
Erin Andrews in my bed....
See you in New Orleans, Alabama"
An Erin Andrews related answer... I should have guessed. +4

Bob and Gary Destroyers (JH): "Go Cougars!  Unfortunately, you just can't go to the Big 12!"
Yeah, this is great and all, but let's not get crazy. +3

Beelzebubbles (CCo): "Come back when I'm skinny!!"
That would have made it on TV. +5

WhooDat4Life (Lo): "Welcome to Houston where we have super senior starting quarterbacks and don't hide child molesters!"
While good and topical, that wouldn't have made it on TV :) +4

Topo Chicas (A-C): "Geez....this weeks matchups must really suck. Didn't y'all mean to go to Austin?"
Maybe they should have gone to Waco. +3

13 National Championships (CG): "PLEASE DIE CORSO"
Y'all's signs are really taking a dark turn. +3

Pimp Posse (JB): "Houston has a university"
I'm not an expert, but I think they like to be called "commuter school" +3

Booyah! (MN): "Go Lornhorns"
My sign doesn't have speel check. :) +3

Naked Bootleggers (JN):
"Check List to get Game Day at your University...
1) Beat UCLA?....CHECK
2) Shut out Georgia State?....CHECK
3) Almost lose to LA Tech?....CHECK

NOW get inside that Cougar Corso!"
Like. +6

Skip to the 0:55 mark.

SEC Rejects (ANe): "Hey Big 12... Where's our invite?!"
Keep checking the mailbox. +4

1 Man Wolfpack (MF): "Andre Ware for Prez!!!"
VY >> Andy. Opposite for radio though. "OH NO!!" +4

Hellfish (KSh): "U of wHo"
They are the ones with the ghetto campus. Remember? +3

Throwin' Darts (MM):
"Would Houston still be perfect in a real conference?
Does a bear.....do advanced Calculus in the woods?"
Hahaha. +6

Dirt Burglers (D2): "Gameday went where?"
I know. They missed an Oklahoma game. +3

Above Average Joe (JG): "Cougars"
When I say "Houston" you say "Cougars." "Houston!" +1

Gig'em Baby (AP): "Go Texans!"
Bye week, yo. +1

Chumlee's Banditos (KP): "Ride 'em donkeys... em Mustangs"
True story. +3


Pickem-Football.com 2011 Week 12 NFL Card (v1.0) - Scorecard

New leader!

NFL Bonus: What team scores closest to zero this week?
Kansas City Chiefs = 3
Correct answers: KH, CCo, CG, SE, D2 +3


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