P-F09: Week 15 NFL Results

blog post updated 12/16/09 8:27 AM

NFL Scorecard

Week 15 NFL Wrap-up

Point summaries for Week 15:
Maybe it takes a week for the jinxes to start working. Kirby had submitted his picks before all of the jinxes were in. Until then, he still is smoking the field. Amy/Carrie has taken a hold of the #2 spot.

Weekly Winner(s): A-C, DB, GF (13) +3 points
NFL dubs (12+): AN, KW, KH, CC, KZ (12), A-C, DB, GF (13) +3 points
Bonus Question: "Kirby is leading by 6 points over the nearest competitor. It's time for the annual bonus question jinx. How will Kirby blow his lead or how will you make an amazing comeback?" LINK TO POST
Paid: Everyone but KW, GF, JHo, and DB (it's about time folks) +1 for the rest of the field


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