P-F09: Week 13 Wrap-up Email

I hope everyone had a great/relaxing/fulfilling/delicious Thanksgiving...... or at least that Kyle has recovered from his self induced Turkey-coma, aggie loss, Beaver's Ice House food baby, and massive hangover from our night at Petrol Station and some dive bar (where his fantasically bearded pot-head friend tried to convince me that he understood competition and the effects of steroids in sports better than myself... and I believe in music too, but seriously, this guy knew nothing of competitive sports... and like, seriously seriously, no one can bullsh!t on either side of a topic for hours drunk like I can... but I'm available late evenings for anyone who would like to try...... oh crap, where was I?)

Ah yes, turkeys, aggies, and whatnot. Earlier in the week I posted a love letter written by an aggie on TexAgs.com (a great fan site btw, just not my cup of tea... I use it more for fodder for emails and blog posts). I have since gone back and added my comments to the letter. Thank you aggies for being so lovable.

While on the subject of taunting, I added a dig at the sooners. TTU's drubbing of that broken team made me a little happier inside... Schadenfreude. (apologies to Jon, who is a good Dallas native and sooner, if there is such a thing).

Catching up on some open ended bonus question results, I posted the responses to the Week 12 NFL (...is there anything different about Titans/Texans) and NCAA (Name Your Drink) questions and retro-added the points. The Name Your Drink post turned out great. I could have cleaned that up and put it up on TheFerm.org. Thanks for great responses!

Week 14 will mark the end of the NCAA Pick'em Contest. It will be an interesting week for Dave (107) and Justin (105). In order to create a full card, there will be Thursday NCAA games. Be on the lookout for the card tonight. In the past we've had a gentleman's agreement here that for the final week that those in contention for a money spot (#1 or #2) cannot resubmit their cards. Keep this in mind if your name is Dave, Justin, Kirby (101), or Kevin (100).

Five weeks still remain in the NFL Pick'em Contest. That gives plenty of time for the field to catch up to Kirby, who surprisingly is able to spend a lot more time researching picks since the end of October. Are you really changing diapers? One more really good week and you can expect the jinx bonus question.

My records show that everyone has paid their $25 entry but KW, GF, JHo, and DB. Please let me know if my records are incorrect.

I think that covers it... peace.


The worst part about that post-Thanksgiving dinner
nap isn't waking up in some border town with no shoes,
money or identification, but sensing things might have
been different if only *you* had won the wishbone pull.


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