2009 Bowl Pick'em Challenge - Official Post (Pre-Xmas Games)

This is it boys and girls. I'll be updating this post throughout the bowl season with the results as they unfold. The bowl card is a beast... click the picture to bring up a larger version.

(card removed and moved to newer bowl post)

12/19 3:36PM Update: I worked furiously through the #2 Texas vs. #10 North Carolina bball game to get the bowl card put together. Congrats to those of you who filled out the beast and got in on the contest. Your chances of winning are 1 in 15 instead of 1 in 20, due to some missing cards. Of course, Dave predicted the perfect card, so your chances may not be that great if your name isn't Dave.

12/19 3:56PM Update: Not only is this game kind of a boring kickoff to the bowl season, ESPN's production is a little crappy. Maybe they are just getting warmed up. The bowl tradition was quite strong... you could pretty much sit where ever you wanted at the stadium.

12/19 7:30 PM Leader Board Update
Game: New Mexico Bowl - Albuquerque, NM - University Stadium
Score: Fresno St - 28, Wyoming - 35 2OT
Current Points Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles - 11
Current Statistical Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles
Game Thoughts: If I could erase my 3:56PM update I would. Actually, I *can* erase stuff, but what's the point? We were treated to a great 4th quarter and a double overtime finish that ended with half of the 11 people at the game storming the field. I had Fresno as my 2nd most confident game. Great. Thanks Wyoming.
Beverage Thoughts: Dales Pale Ale gets the job done folks. Three or so of those and 1. You don't care that Wyoming screwed up your Bowl Challenge championship hopes, or 2. You'll take a nap.

12/19 7:31PM Update: Dave's perfect card dreams have died.

12/19 7:43PM Update: To help me recover from the Wyoming game that went from boring to super exciting to disappointing for everyone but Crystal, I've got 4 games on in the living room. UCF/Rutgers, Cowboys/Saints, Rockets/Oklahoma City, and the NCAA Women's Volleyball national championship game (#2 Texas vs #1 Penn St.). To take it up a notch, I've got some fake action on Central Florida ($200 on UCF, moneyline +120) and Dallas (Cowboys +7.5).

12/19 9:38PM Update: Texas blows the women's volleyball national championship after being up 2 sets to 0. I don't think I've ever watched women's volleyball before... I'm sorry I broke that streak.

12/19 9:53PM Update: What the heck is going on with the turf at the Beef Bowl? It's all silvery green, but not in a good way.

Nope, it's not snowing in Florida, their fake turf just sucks

12/19 10:47 PM Leader Board Update
Game: Beef 'O Brady's St. Petersburg Bowl - St. Petersburg, FL - Tropicana Field
Score: UCF - 24, Rutgers - 45
Current Points Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles - 41
Current Statistical Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles
Game Thoughts: *Yawn* So it was clear that my moneyline virtual bet on UCF wasn't going to come through, so I watched the Longhorn volleyball game on the main TV in the living room. That didn't work out for me. Then I bumped the Rockets game to the main TV. They won, but seriously, it was OKC. Next up was the Dallas/NO game. Overall, it was a little dissappointing to see New Orleans get their first loss. How-evah, my virtual bet of Dallas +7.5 came through (making the night of virtual bets a wash). Finally, it was back to the Rutgers game to see them finish UCF off. Crystal is looking like a Bowl Pick'em genius right now.
Beverage Thoughts: Mount Gay Extra Old Rum and Coke... get up on that folks. I'm up on and in that right now.

12/20 11:05 PM Leader Board Update
Game: R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl - New Orleans, LA - Superdome
Score: Southern Miss -32, Middle Tennessee - 42
Current Points Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles - 41
Current Statistical Leader: KH, Mr. Smokey Pants
Game Thoughts: I'm going to be honest, I watched the Survivor finale instead of the game. From what I could see watching the game without sound, both teams played fairly well. Upon looking at the box score, it looks like the MTU QB was the difference in the game. Dasher (great name) ran for 201 and passed for 162 yds. The 201 was enough to break Vince Young's bowl rushing record for a QB of 200 yds. The only other thing I noticed was that Southern Miss must not have had a kicker. They went for 2 after every TD. I wish I knew that before I gave them my pick. Pathetic.
Beverage Thoughts: I have two beers to discuss tonight. The first was Allagash Four Ale. This beer gets its name from being brewed with four malts, four hops, four sugars (date sugar, light candi, dark candi, and light golden molasses), and four Belgian yeast strains (one during primary, secondary, and tertiary fermentations... then a final when bottled for bottle conditioning, a natural process of carbonating the beer). Every once in a while I come across a beer that is as enjoyable as a bottle of wine, and Four Ale was that beer tonight. It was even better as it warmed. After the Four Ale, I decided to stay with the American brewed Belgian interpretations and opened a Victory Wild Devil. This beer is essentially Victory's Hop Devil IPA that is subjected to a wild yeast fermentation with Brettanomyces. The result is a sour flavor that works great with the citrusy hops. I love Wild Devil and Victory Brewing Company beers, but the Four Ale completely outshined it tonight. I won't be opening these on the same day again.

12/22 10:48 PM Leader Board Update
Game: MAACO Las Vegas Bowl - Las Vegas, NV - Sam Boyd Stadium
Score: (18) Oregon St. -20, (14) BYU - 44
Current Points Leader: CJ, Beelzebubbles - 44
Current Statistical Leader: KS, DonkeyStyle
Game Thoughts: I spent the first half of the night at my parents' house where, get this, they only have ONE television in the living room! We wisely chose to watch the #2 Longhorns take out #9 Mich St. in basketball. It's a good thing football games are long. I traveled home after the UT win, but the BYU game wasn't close, so it was relegated to "no sound" while I watched Rachael Ray/Mario Batali vs Giada de Laurentiis/Bobby Flay in a special 1.5 hr cranberry Iron Chef battle. In case you are wondering, Rach and Mario won in a landslide. Game still on. BYU still kickin' @ss. That puts me at oh and four, which reminds me...
Beverage Thoughts: After red wine and champagne at the elder Norris household, I poured a Brooklyn Brewery Monster Ale into a snifter at my home. This 12 oz. barley wine weighs in at 10.1% ABV. I felt like it was rather middle of the road, especially for a beer named "Monster." However, as the beer warmed the big fruit flavors and strong alcohol bite really came out. This would be a pretty good beer if it wasn't named Monster.

12/23 9:38AM Update: I would be remiss if I didn't mention the impact of the wind in the Las Vegas Bowl last night. It was about as strong as I've ever seen it in a bowl game. To counter, obviously the Beavers thought it a good idea to pass a lot. Nice one...

12/23 11:28 PM Leader Board Update
Game: San Diego Co. Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl - San Diego, CA - Qualcomm Stadium
Score: (23) Utah - 37, Cal - 27
Current Points Leader: JN, Naked Bootleggers - 60
Current Statistical Leader: KS, DonkeyStyle
Game Thoughts: This was another "no sounder" for me. I cooked for part of it and watched HBO's Into the Storm for the rest. I can tell you Cal went up by 2 TDs early (me=happy), then laid a turd for pretty much the rest of the game (me=not happy). Some might say Utah woke up, but I say Cal played like crap. Leader = 60 pts. Me.... zero.
Beverage Thoughts: No beer tonight. I shared a great and probably really expensive bottle of Pine Ridge at my parents. Then, back in middle-class-dom, I opened a bottle of Hook & Ladder The Tillerman, 2007. It's an about average Tuesday wine that passes for something you could open when it's not Tuesday and be satisfied with... definitely a recommendation.


  1. Stole the top billing from my post of NCAA Football anger. Probably for the best.

    Wyoming is horrible, how did that happen? 32 points pissed away.

    Concur with evening sports action. It doesn't get much better than this!

  2. Pac 10 0-2 so far vs. non AQ BCS Conferences. Maybe UCLA can beat Temple.

    Upsets in 4 out of 5 games so far according to Vegas. Ironically Rutgers, and their 1-1.5 point (34th smallest out of 34 spreads) the winner.


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