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P-F09: Week 15 Results - The Kirby Jinx

Kirby is a good dude. In fact, he deserves to win this competition as much as any of us here. He's also got a rich tradition of domination in the early years of Pick'em… and then a long period of blowing. Kinda like Notre Dame, except he doesn't have his own TV contract.

All we ask is a couple of bad weeks. That ain't too much to ask. Below are the jinxes, the bonus points you earned, and my subjective reason for assigning that point value.

Answer convention:
Game Initials, Team Name – Jinx
My comments
Bonus Points (0-5 points available)

JN, Naked Bootleggers –Kirby in his attempt to be cocky will not submit a card scoring the minimum 6 points, believing that his nearest competitor cannot possibly pick 12+ winners and steal the league from him.
Kirby *can* be a cocky mthrfkr sometimes… oh wait, that's me.
+3 points

KW, Dallas D-Bags
Kirby will make the classic mistake of calling Terry Bradshaw to aid in his football picks. But what Kirby doesn't know is that Terry Bradshaw is only out to get him, and provides false information, because that what he do.
That Bradshaw is tricky. That moron bit is just a front.
+3 points

BD, Bobs Bobcats
I'm sorry I have to plead ignorance. Who is Kirby? If he is one of the teams....then I will just have to pick all of the teams correctly for the rest of the year. Fat Chance!! :-)) :-))
Maybe it's just me, but I love the "Who is Kirby?" answer. Kirby: "Do you know who the fk I am!?!"
+4 points

CJ, Beelzebubbles
I don't want to think about Kirby "blowing" anything! So, for the sake of not ruining my mojo for any of the other contests-I will just (for once) keep my big mouth shut.
A lot of times I word questions in anticipation of what Crystal or Amy/Carrie may say in response. This one slipped through the crack ;)
+2 points

JHo, Demons
He picked the Lions to beat the Ravens and the lead starts to fade from that point I pick all winners this week and the comeback never stops!!!
Everyone can dream.
+2 points

CC, Novacain
Kirby will forget to submit his picks due to exhaustion from the baby keeping him up at night. It's the only way.
Strangely enough, the baby has fueled his new pick'em power.
+2 points

A-C, Amy/Carrie's Team
He'll forget to hit send one week and blow it.
Hits kinda close to home, eh.
+2 points

DW, Bevo XIV
He'll Has Kirby ever won any pick/fantasy competition in any sport? He represents Houston and our classic failures (Phi Slamma Jamma, Frank Reich, Joe Montana both Coogs and Oilers FYI, Brad Lidge, Sage Rosenfels incidents all rolled into one)
Ahh, some real fantasy smack. Me likes.
+4 points

AN, The MotherLoad
I'm going to go into the Commish's computer and erase everyone else's score and claim victory : -)
Haha! Wait, uh-oh.
+3 points

RK, The BlitzKrieg
As soon as he stops copying Cris Collinsworth's picks and flips to say, Warren Sapp, things will even out.
Is Warren Sapp still alive?
+3 points

JC, Justin's Team
Kirby will blow the lead just like colt blew the Heisman...with all the nation's attention on him at the last moment to some soccer soccer player (except this time not from Cameroon)
That is a lot of blowing and soccer in one answer.
+3 points

KZ, Suck It #15
He will not blow his lead, and he will use the winning money to buy his wonderful little sister great Christmas presents! Forget his new son Will, he won't know the difference. :)
I feel the same about gifts for babies. What is the friggin' point?
+4 points

GN, Ferments-A-Lot
I have gone to great lengths this week to jinx Kirby and ensure my victory. I am/have/will be: 1. Guaranteeing his victory, 2. Washed his lucky jersey, 3. Sitting in his lucky chair, and most importantly, 4. I have chosen him to be on the cover of the new Madden. Good Luck!! (not that you'll need it, because there is NO WAY you could possibly lose this lead... I'm not sure anyone has blown this big of a lead in the entire history of Pick'em, so don't worry. Good luck!!)
That is a classic jinx, folks.
+4 points

KH, Mr. Smokey Pants –Jinx-breaker Haiku
You are my bitches.
Knock you up and leave you
barefoot in the kitchen.
Your grade school English teachers would be so proud right now. Good luck, yo!
+5 points


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