10 days till kickoff... fears... rumors... scandals

Team commitments are still trickling in... remember, I just need a team name and preferred email address (for the weekly cards to be sent) from you.

Since I've gotten several comments about access to the website, let me alleviate some potential fears for you guys in one email. Apparently a lot of you work for communist corporate piles of dung that block access to blogspot.com pages. If you ask me, I say you should change jobs to something a little more spend-the-whole-day-playing-fantasy-sports friendly... I did. But until you do, don't sweat it.

Weekly cards will continue to be sent out like they always have... by email.

Weekly results, etc... by email.

Most of the stuff I post up (including this email here) will be posted online and sent to whatever email address you give me.

Hopefully everyone is a little less nervous about pick'em school starting now and everyone is a littlle more excited about how Crystal is going to out pick you by choosing the team that has the best looking pants.


In days gone by, a man's word was his bond.
Today, fortunately, we have glue.


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