Country Music Sucks: Chris LeDoux - This Cowboy's Hat

This is the first line of Chris LeDoux's wiki page:
"Chris LeDoux was a Rodeo Cowboy who sang and recorded songs in his spare time and sold his albums from the back of his truck." 
That is serious country street cred. I'm interested.

Title: This Cowboy's Hat
Artist: Chris LeDoux
Year: 1991

Quick take:

This is a simple song about not touching a man's hat. Everyone knows not to touch a man's woman, a man's car, or a man's hat. This song is simply a reminder not to disrespect a fella.

Make Country Count:

  • Cars - Nope, but one old boy said, "Hey Tex, where'd you park your horse?"
  • Baby - Nope. This song is strictly about his costume hat. One reference to a husky fella though, if you are into the bear thing.
  • Dirt - Nope, but props for several rodeo + weather references: Riding black tornadoes, roping a Blue Norther', and bulldoging the Mississippi River. I had to look up most of the rodeo terms.
  • Small Town - This took place in a coffee shop. I like to imagine one in Austin.
  • Guitar - Nope. All hat, all the time.
  • Good ol' days – Not really. Just sipping some coffees and some swapping of rodeo stories before the motorcycle riding asshole wanting to touch another man's hat came in.

Best Part: 

There is a whole verse on where the hat came from.

Worst Part:

Sure the hat meant something, but you also don't touch a man's shitty hat either. He could have saved that whole hat history verse.

Did I Download It?: 

No, but I'm not just into cowboy and rodeo culture. I like this song though.

What I’d Rather Be Listening To:

This song sounds like a what would happen if Beastie Boys "Paul Revere" and Tenacious D's "Tribute" had a tough, uneducated simple baby.


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