P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 2 - Lost Cause

Ladies and gentlemen!! We'll cover two games on this post. But first, I’d like to kick off our Pick’em Dash Football player spotlight. (Hit play on the jam below for the full effect.)

Our first spotlight He won’t hold back his passion for the Cowboys and Longhorns. You may remember Lost Cause (JH) as the guy who recently blew the 2013 NCAA Pick’em contest.

At press time, the Bowl Challenge lead is his to lose. He is quite literally a Lost Cause.





One more door.

Lost Cause (JH) is picking perfect right now. Our first game today is the Beeeeeeeeef Oooooo’ Brady’s Bowl. Has anyone been to this place? It may just be like a Chilis, but I have to give them props for having Beef in their name. That does something inside for me. This year’s edition has the C-USA champion. What’s that? Oh, OK. Today is C-USA RUNNER UP – huh? Today we have C-USA EAST runner-up, hailing from the state of East Carolina vs a team from the state Ohio, although I’m pretty sure that one of those is not a state. The game is at 1 PM on the eve of Christmas Eve in St. Petersburg Florida, so don’t count on anyone being there but the team and a few locals taking an extended lunch break.

Tomorrow evening brings us a much more exciting game from Hawaii. Boise State lost their coach. Oregon State is 6-6. Who you got?

(the most recent scores are now being tracked in a newer post)


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