P-F13: Bowl Pick'em Challenge, Part 4 - Paperboys delivering, no they're not

Time to get stupid scared.

(hit play for the full effect)

[Picture The Paperboys (KW) walking in slow with a bit of a strut. Maybe like a bit of a pimp walk. Picture his parents horrified as they realize the lyrics are foul, shocking, and straight up scary as sh!t. Picture KW eating a cockroach and not throwing it up]

He's a Texan fan. Just kidding. He's a Texas fan. Just kidding. He's from Texas and a cowboy. Just kidding. A farmer. He's got mad flow. Just kidding. His gas is sweet. He rides the train to save energy. Just kidding he's the engineer. Just kidding. He is an Engineer. And he makes beer. And drinks a lot too, but that's because he makes so much. It's scary.

But seriously. Yonkers is a scary song. It's so scary that the music alone can make other songs scary too.

Are your picks are scary good or scary bad?

(the most recent scores are now being tracked in a newer post)


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