Get Yo Entry Fee On

[old school beat]

You can’t play for free
'Round here there’s a fee
Pay 25 to me
I’m sure you’ll agree
This game’s hot you see
Worth your first baby every penny
Go Pick'em, Get Money, Go Pick'em, Get Money
Go Pick'em, Get Money, Go Pick'em, Get Money
Go Pick'em, Get Money, Go Pick'em, Get Money

Best Ways to Pay Your $25 Entry Fee:
  1. PayPal – I always keep our league’s pot over in my PayPal account, so paying directly to it is the easiest for me. If you are interested in this option, let me know and I’ll send you a request. They make you pay extra for credit card payments, so if somehow you’ve made it to 2009 and have never set up an account linked to your bank...
  2. Check – This is the next easiest option for me. It’s pretty easy for me to transfer your money into the PayPal account from my bank.
  3. Cash – If you give me cash, I’m most likely going to blow it on beer or beef jerky. However, it still counts and I’ll take it if this is the best option for you.
  4. Services – I’ll take your proposals.
I don't *need* payments until the season is over. However, I don't suggest waiting that long. Trust me, that $25 feels like $100 once it is a done deal that you will be donating your money to someone else. Also keep in mind that the football season wraps up around the holiday season, where $25 to Pick'em means your Mom isn't getting that gift certificate you planned because you've got to pay for Chris Cain's dinner.

I will be hooking up those of you that pay early with some bonus points. Starting next Monday, anyone who has paid will accumulate 1 bonus point per contest per week. The bonus points will start on the week of the payment and will continue until the 20th person has paid. This should give a slight advantage to those of you who square up early (assuming everyone doesn't pay between now and the end of next week).


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