P-F09: Week 2 NFL Results

(updated 9/15 6:45 AM)

No live opening week comments... Texans suck. Great.



Did any Comcastians check out their new NFL channel this weekend? I tuned in for the late games. Why the bleep isn't NFL Red Zone not offered in HD?! The channel kinda works though, especially if you aren't interested in a particular game. They just switch back and forth between whatever is interesting, and they even will use downtime to catch you up on the game they are presenting (i.e. they toss you into the coverage with the team on the 10 yard line, but then they go back and show you the big play(s) that got them there).

I was able to catch this play with the Red Zone coverage (great play and "entertaining" announcing):

Brian Urlacker is done for the season (wrist). Since I don't care about the Bears, it doesn't bother me much. One thing that I do know, MUCH less work is going to get done at the United Way. That dude was a beast! I'm also assuming his badminton career is over.

NFL fans are a different breed.

Texans fans keep it classy

Kevin Kolb got some PT when McNabb left the game with a rib injury. It was a good weekend to be a Houston Cougar.

I hear Dallas looked good, but don't expect any Cowboy commentary from me. They are too awesome for me to like (he says, while imitating a Texans fan greeting Thomas Jones in the endzone).

Chances are, if you've been trolling the interwebs recently you already have seen this video, but for those reading this post for the Cliff Notes version of the news... I present to you... an old Cris Collinsworth video:


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