39 - 33. It Still Hurts

I don't think you have to be a Texas fan to appreciate the damage Tech did to the college football scene last year. I'm not sure I'm ready to let it go or laugh it off yet, but this article from the Barking Carnival sure helped a little. I was going to tweet this, but I figured there was less of a chance that you would read it, therefore missing out on its hilarity. I've copied a small portion here, but follow the link below to read the whole thing. It gets much funnier.

Playing Texas Tech is basically like playing basketball with your girlfriend. At first it’s all casual: you’re each holding a drink, you cover her by squeezing a tit when she tries a jump shot, giggling when she bounces the ball off of her ankles out of bounds. It’s clear that you’re better than her and the power balance is respected. You don’t call her for traveling or double dribbles because of chivalry. Good fun until she fucks it up.

She scores somehow on a bullshit fadeaway while you’re pretending to nap on the free throw line and she begins to really celebrate. She starts running around the sport court like an asshole raising a ruckus and seeking attention. You see the help start to smile and call out to her with encouragement: “Nice shot Meeeeesus!” and “Chew scorrrre ball on heeem!”

Then the mood of the game changes. You know you have to do something because both she and the help are getting above themselves at your expense.

39-33, right?

[Link to the entire post]


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