P-F09: Week 3 NFL Results

(Updated 9/21/09 11:08AM)


I understand that my views don't necessarily represent the views of the league, but this is my post. You can have your own ! :) (seriously, just let me know)

Texans beat the Tits... the Cowboys lost in what was a pretty exciting game (as long as you aren't a Cowboys fan)... Red Raider fan went back to the desert... what a Sunday!

Jets win! Mark Sanchez is going to Disney World!!!!!!! Wait, no... seriously?!

...from the Sports Pickle:
"This is an amazing feeling," said Sanchez. "And it all happened so fast. It seemed like just weeks ago we were at camp, and now we're celebrating our Super Bowl win. I don't even know what to do next. I guess take a few weeks off and then start getting ready for next season."

Jets officials say they are working with New York City and New Jersey officials to help schedule a parade for the team later this week.

T.O.'s Schadenfreude... well kinda. I know, it's just a retweet, but still.

Speaking of the Cowboys, who had more picks, Romo or Jerry Jones?

A Giant Pick (via Deadspin)

Ochocinco's Lambeau Leap



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