P-F09: Week 1 Card

The first week is in the books. Ohio St. and LSU won, but looked vulnerable. Oklahoma... well, *tear*.

In our pick'em league, Kirby, Bob, and Justin jumped to an early lead... with 8. No double digit pick points this week. Also, all of you that played last year should be a little excited that 2008's pick'em king started the NCAA week with 4 correct picks. Chris posted a Sooner-like performance. Can either bounce back and win a championship?

Like always, I've procrastinated some of the infrastructure requirements for the league, but expect some updates through the week and possibly an answer to the view-after-submission issue for the cards this week.

Oh yes, and the NFL gets going on Thursday. The Week 2 cards should go out tomorrow evening. Life is good again.

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updated: 9/7/09 10:54PM

PS- I learned a new (favorite) word this weekend: Schadenfreude (I think you can figure why this German word makes me a little happier)


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